2016/09/23 Demo Meeting #1

What had we done in Demo#1 ?

A whole new semester has started. To let our new comers know more about what Toast members usually do in the meeting, officers arrange “Demo meeting” to let everyone gain more knowledge about us. Since it’s the third week now, let’s take a look back on what had we done in Demo#1 together!


The Origin of Toastmasters

To start off, let’s learn the meaning of the word “Toastmaster.” Toast got another definition which means to hold up your glass and drink. In Chinese: 敬酒。 When you toast to another, we usually got to say some words. And so we are making a speech. If you are a master in toasting, then you are a master in delivering a speech. So let’s see what our speakers present to us in the following!

Prepared Speech

Also, two speakers brought us informative speeches. Speech from Jason Chen, titled “Piercing the veil of micro cosmetic surgery,” was an introduction of plastic surgery. He first defined two kinds of plastic surgeries: traditional surgery and micro cosmetic surgery. Then, he provided the advantages and disadvantages of them, making the intro more informative and educational. Audience may learn a lot from his presentation. The other speaker, Bob, talked about camera and photography.

Individual Evaluation

In this part, Charlotte and Maggie helped us conclude what two speakers have made and also gave them some suggestion. There are the links and let’s know more about it:


Officers Introduciton

As today is the Demo meeting, the officer would definitely introduce themselves to the audience about both their teammate and the duties. EVP which stands for the Educational Vice President is responsible for the management of every meeting and the study group discussion. MVP which is Membership Vice President has much to do with the holding of activities. Lastly, PRVP meaning Public-Relation Vice President needs to help establish the links between the Toastmasters branches and propaganda.

Language & General Evaluator

At the end of the meeting, both language evaluator and General evaluator provide their observation and suggestion for improving in the future.

Here are some good usages and skills and those of consider revising:

(X)the Lose of this competition-> (sb) lost the competition (verb usage preferable)

(X) A screaming-> a series of screaming (countable or uncountable noun?)

(X) Accept plastic surgery-> undergo plastic surgery (verb choices)

(X) I’m not regret to join-> I don’t regret joining = I have no regret joining (verb usages)

(V) High-end-> expensive and of quality (good usages)

(V) For every level of the speech, there’s a goal for speakers to achieve. (rhyming)

(V) Using proverb can be more persuasive to the audience.  (skills)

(V) Consider not using slides in the first 6 speeches.  (skills)

Don’t worry if you miss the first Demo Meeting, grasp the chance next week and participate our Demo meeting #2 !




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