2016/09/30 Demo Meeting#2

2016 Fall 第二次Demo Meeting 在 9/30正式登場啦 :D




主持破冰的Variety Session Master: Steven Hsu 巧妙地利用有趣的問題帶領新生們圍圈討論,包括了台灣的旅遊勝地、食物、星座等等能廣泛引起迴響的話題。以下是他精彩的討論問題:

1. What’s your favorite tourist attraction in Taiwan? Why? (You can share about your experience if you have been there.)

2. What’s your favorite Western food? Talk about your experience.

3. What’s your zodiac sign(星座)? Do you think that your personality is similar to the characteristic of your zodiac sign?

4. Where’s your hometown? Introduce your neighborhood, and share your life while living there.

5. What’s your favorite subject in high school? What is the most unforgettable thing to you?

破完冰,就是Demo#2兩位C2與C3講者優秀的演說了!首先是C2 Speaker: Kevin,題目是 “Back To School",詮釋了離開暑假迎接新學期的期待與分享:

再來是第二位C3 Speaker: Phoebe,題目是" An Unforgettable Summer",精彩地呈現暑假吐司營的種種,除了引領新生進入吐司也讓大家感受到她對於吐司的熱情喔。


兩位的演講都充滿了剛開學的能量 :D

除了準備充分的Prepared Speech之外,與新生互動的重要橋段Table Topic,主持人Jason Chiang 也以一個有趣、超級有名的影片讓所有新生眼睛一亮,而他的主題是:Internet and Social Media。以下是他精彩的問題:

1. What social media platforms do you use? What's your main purpose to use them? 

2. How much time do you use social media everyday? What do you usually do on them? 

3. Do you agree that social media will gradually weaken the real relationship between friends? Why or why not?

4. What's the funnest video, photo, or story you have ever seen on the Internet? Why do you think it is funny?

5. Do you agree that Internet has significantly improved people's life? Why or why not?

當天的活動當然不能缺少重要的Individual Evaluation啦!來看看他們給予speaker的建議吧!

IE—–Project C3: Get to the Point, Harvey Chen

IE—-Project C2: Organize Your Speech, Ivan Sit

最後的最後,就是精彩的GE & LE 令人獲益良多的講評囉!

GE: General Evaluation,Jeff Ward

LE: Language Evaluation,Jeff Ward





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