2015/12/18 Presidential Election– Maggie’s Campaign Speech

如果你還沒聽過Maggie的Campaign Speech,你想知道下學期他對於吐司的政見,那你一定要進來看看^^

1218 Campaign Speech-Maggie


Good evening, dear fellow Toastmasters and most welcome guests. I am Maggie Lin. the candidate of the Presidential Election for the next term. As you can see, I am now on this stage preparing to deliver my campaign speech. Before the speech starts, I want to thank all of you for your participation in this election.

As a matter of fact, this moment was unimaginable for me when I first joined NTU Toastmasters. But everything became very different after May 1st, the Theme Meeting#2 in the last semester. I have gradually found my passion for Toastmasters and desired to dedicate myself to this club.

At first, I was really confused whether I was capable of taking this task, but now I’ve made up my mind with a statement, “If I have never tried, I would never know.” So, I decided to bring forward my thoughts, my determination, and my passion to all of you in this Presidential Election.

Through the speech, I am going to share some visions and ideas I have for the club’s future. I would like to invite all of you to join the new era of NTU Toastmasters. A new era which will be composed of Improvement, Legacy, and Consolidation! I hope by carrying out the values behind these three words, we can make NTU Toastmasters not only a home where “our minds are always on your side”, but also a family that all of us can improve together! Why it is important is because we come here not only seek for the warmness, but most of us come here look for the friends and the mentors that can help us make progress. So, I hope NTU Toastmasters is not only a home, but the members here can all make improvements together!

In the following, I will divide the speech into three parts: My Time in NTU Toastmasters, Plans and Values for the Next Semester, and My Leading Style.

Body- My Time in NTUTM

Now, let’s start from the first part: My Story in NTU Toastmasters. It is a time for me to be understood more by all of you, and it is also a time for me to look back on my growth in NTU Toastmasters. Therefore, I am going to share my story in NTUTM and my feelings towards it.

I joined NTU Toastmasters at the beginning of my freshmen year. I still remember I came here because of the recommendation from my cousin. He suggested that if I wanted to improve my English speaking skills, I should join(x) Toastmasters. After I found out 台大國際英語演講會 is exactly a branch of Toastmasters International, I soon came to the Demo Meeting#1.

I can still recall clearly that in the Demo Meeting#1, there were 3 people who impressed me the most, and they were Claire, Emma, and Minnie: the warm-hearted speech delivered by Emma, the energetic and dramatic performance by the TME, Minnie, and the professional and powerful evaluation by Claire all left strong impressions on my mind. After seeing those wonderful performances, I expected myself to overcome stage-fright, and enjoy the stage just like what they had done. I believed that it was time for me to step out of the comfort zone and seize the chance of building up my confidence on the stage. Therefore, I joined the club right after the meeting was over.

During my first semester in NTUTM, I have to confess that I seldom came to the meetings on Friday evenings, for I didn’t find my passion for Toastmasters at that time. But, thanks to the encouragement and efforts from my mentor, Bess, I completed my C1 speech successfully. She kept taking care of me by giving me suggestions on my study plan on schoolwork. Even though she is now in Beijing as an exchange student, she still spared her time helping me finish my C3 speech, and even wrote me a postcard. Frankly speaking, without her encouragement and her consideration, I would never have the chance to stand here delivering my campaign speech.

Last semester, I became one of the deputies in the Education Vice President Team. At the beginning, I was not fully determined to devote myself to the club so much yet, for I was still looking for my passion. But, since that as an EVP deputy I had to attend every meeting, I gradually knew more club members, and I gradually fell in love with NTU Toastmasters. I am really grateful for Samin and all the other EVP deputies at that time, Rita, Jane, Sherry, Ann, Joyce, and Judia. They were the friends that I made last semester, and I not only learned a lot from them, but also gained a sense of home from them.

As I stayed in NTUTM longer and longer, seeing new members improve themselves from first speeches to more speeches, and seeing old members’ devotion for this club, I believe magical power do exists here. It is magic that brings us together, it is a power that inspires us to improve together, and it is the magical power that makes NTUTM a cozy home, a place where we can pass down the core values and improve with each other, and a family we should protect together.

I believe everyone coming here have your own motivation for joining NTUTM, but I also believe that no matter what reasons encouraged you to come to this place, the longer you stay here, there are much more reasons that stimulate you keep coming, improving and having fun with us. Now, after the home which our current president,  Sherry originally built with her officers and all the members, it is time for us to help the members in this home improve. It is also time for us to pass down the good parts(, the legacy,) in this home. Most importantly, it’s time for us to hold our hands together and consolidate this home, NTU Toastmasters. And these are why I became the candidate tonight.

Body- Plans and Values for the Next Semester

 Now that you have understood me more, I would like to talk about the practical plans for the next semester. These are just initial plans, and there are still rooms for further discussion. If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to discuss with me in the Q&A session.

In the next semester, most of the current tasks in the 3 Vice President Teams will be remained, but first, I would like to put more emphasis on the concept of “help among the three teams’’. Since the 3 VP Teams usually hold activities separately, we will reinforce helping between each VP team. For example, if EVP team is going to hold a Study Group Discussion (, the so-called SGD), after the promotion by EVP team, I hope that PRVP and MVP team can help promote this activity within their families. Second, I hope the deputies in the 3 teams can build close relationships with each other, not just in their own team. To reach the goal, we can encourage the deputies to attend the meetings, and other activities held by other VP teams more. I believe that if the 3 teams have a great relationship, the officers can know what others are doing easier, and the atmosphere in the officers team will be warm and energetic.

As you can see, our club activities and meetings are all held by these 3 Vice President Teams. I think NTUTM is like a house, which contains Education– the base, and Activities—the columns. All the officers play indispensable roles to support the house—NTU Toastmasters.

In order to make the house strong and safe, the base should be carefully maintained. Since NTU Toastmasters is actually an educational club, EVP team importantly handles every thing that can help our fellows improve, such as meetings, the study group discussions and the mentor-mentee platform. Furthermore, the team is responsible for writing blogs and taking charge of the educational sessions. Under this structure, there is an alternation I would like to make, which is about the educational session. Educational session originally is a session for club members to share something useful in English. Its goal at first is to let members learn something, maybe it’s a phrase or key words in traveling. In this semester, we limited the topics to English speaking skills. For me, in the next semester, I would like to split this session into 2 different sessions, one will still be called the educational session, and the other is the sharing session. In an educational session, the purpose will remain to be having some topics related to speech delivery skills. On the other hand, in a sharing session, club members can share something funny or useful or important with us no matter it is related to speech skills or not.

After having a strong base of education, it’s time to strengthen the columns, so here we come to the MVP Team and the PRVP Team.

For the MVP team, since they aim at binding the relationships among our club members, the outings, the picnic day, and 2 dinners will still be remained. Additional activities like movies, and barbecue may be included if possible. The Second Gathering will be kept as well. MVP team is also responsible for holding the Mentor-Mentee Symposium, and subsequently match our mentors and mentees. In the next semester, I hope MVP team can encourage mentors care more about their mentees. Even though having those activities can help people in different families bind close relationships, the relationship between mentors and mentees are still the most important. If mentors take good care of mentees, not only can help mentees grow, but also themselves can make improvements.

For the PRVP team, they are mainly responsible for recruiting new members and publicizing NTUTM. Also, aside from recruiting new members INTO the club, they have a crucial task next semester because there will be the NTU Azalea Festival, in which we need to promote our club to high school students for the future NTU Toastmasters Summer Camp. What’s more, the other original tasks in PRVP team include the reception of meetings, contacting the guests, holding the Designed Meeting (like the one we had last week) and the Elementary School Projects. There is one more thing that I want to emphasize more, which is Club-Visiting. After the Joint meeting with NCCU this semester, I learned a lot through the joint interaction, (and I believe they did, too.) I think we should go more club-visiting, then all the club members can not only experience different club cultures, but also be motivated to improve from mutual inspiration. Last but not least, (for club officers,) going club-visiting can help knowing how NTU Toastmasters itself can improve and how we can consolidate our club. In my blueprint, I expect the club-visiting can be held once a month. So, there will be total 4 times in next semester. Since it needs promotion to encourage club members to join, the promotion can be done through posts on Facebook, and officer announcement in meetings. For deputies in PRVP team, they have to contact the club we would like to visit, do promotion for club-visiting, and give members who want to join some direction.

Besides the three VP teams, we also have two independent officers: the Treasurer and the Secretary, who are in charge of the administration parts of NTUTM, for example, the finance and the operation with the Headquarter of Toastmasters. In this semester, Sherry has merged their duties into the Treasurers’ position; in the next semester, everything will be remained, and I hope all the details will be carried out completely with efficiency just like this semester.

Although there may still be some changes in the plans after discussing with senior members and three VPs, I promise you that I will do my best to help all of the members in NTUTM to grow, and I will devote myself completely to NTU Toastmasters. Because I’m standing here. I’m delivering this speech. Because I have given you my promise to be a devoted President.

Now, here comes the last part: My Leading Style

I am a person full of innovative ideas, but I am also aware that the ideas should be based on practical aspects. I am a person who plan and prepare beforehand. I’m a person who care about the communication with other people.

So, in the next semester, if you have any ideas, you are more than welcome to tell me and I’m most willing to hear from you. With your ideas or suggestions, I believe the club will be even better. Besides the communication with all of the club members, communicating with officers could not be more important, for without all of you, I will not be able to do everything to their best. I hope that in the officer team, not only can I have a good relationship with different VP teams, but also each team can have nice cooperation and communication. To fulfill this vision, I hope I can be the bridge that connects the officers to love each other, and gradually love this club.

In additional to communication and cooperation, personal improvement is also important. I hope all the officers can not only dedicate themselves to making our club better, but also they can still seize chances to stand on the stage delivering speeches, joining table topics, and even be the individual evaluators to keep themselves growing with NTU Toastmasters. All in all, accompanied by everyone’s contribution, I am confident that we can make NTUTM not only a home, but also a wonderful place that contains improvement, legacy, and consolidation.


In conclusion, when I started my life in NTUTM, it was Bess and some of the seniors who helped me become much better. Now, seeing some of the seniors gradually leaving the club because of graduation or work, I clearly notice that, yes, they are leaving, and who can take over the role to support and lead the club stepping forward? Maybe you are expecting that I would say it is I. but it is not. It is all of us here that are going to support this club in the coming future, to continue the work passing down by the senior members, and to help this club going on!

This is a new generation, and it is about to start. Now it’s time for us to guard this place, to embrace the trust the seniors gave us, and to ensure that NTU Toastmasters keeps going and prospering.

Right now, at this moment, I am ready to start the new era. So, are you ready to give your hands, to stand besides me, and to make NTU Toastmasters a better, lovely, and joyful place?

Then, let’s start the journey together!






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