Campaign Speech by Sherry Wu, 37th (2015 Fall) President Candidate

恭喜Sherry順利當選!!! 一起重溫2015/06/05的Campaign Speech吧!

Dear Toastmasters and most welcome guests, thank you for joining us in this presidential election. I’m Sherry Wu, the candidate today. At first, I was once confused and doubted if I would be the right person to take this position, but now I’ve made my final decision. The Presidential Election is an important moment for me to show my determination and devotion to NTU Toastmasters and to myself.

I’d been contemplating for a long time if I should take this position when I’m just starting a new chapter in my life, my graduate education. I was uncertain if I should take this position in this moment when many of my friends here are about to graduate and leave for their future paths. I’d been burdened with countless concerns like the timing, age, people, reality etc. But I guess I will regret if I don’t seize this chance to implement some of my ideas in our club. And it’s also a great chance to enable me to gain some precious abilities and experience. As a result, I’m now right here, delivering my campaign speech to show my determination to all of you.

Through this campaign speech, I would like to talk about my visions and ideas for the club’s future. I would like to grab this precious chance to express my feelings. I would like to invite all of you to join the future of this home called ‘’NTU Toastmasters’’. Yes, ‘’home’’. It is this word. To make NTU Toastmasters a home to everyone is my ultimate goal in the next semester. I know this concept has been mentioned many times in the past. However, it is indeed, to me, the most important treasure and asset in this club.

Later, I will divide my speech into three main parts. First, I will introduce my story in NTUTM. Then I will talk about my basic plans for the next semester. And in the last part, I will share with you my leading style.

Ok, let’s move on to the first part. I would like to talk a little bit about myself, my story in NTUTM, and my feelings toward it. I joined NTU Toastmasters in the junior year of my undergraduate life. My motivation was to force myself to step out of my comfort zone and beat the devil in my heart- my stage fright. Actually, the present president, Howard, was the person who recommended me to join NTUTM. I knew him in NTUKK" when I was one of the leaders there. It was because of his advice that I went to the demo meeting at that time.

I could still remember that, during the first demo meeting I joined, two people impressed me a lot— Claire and Joey. Their outstanding performance really inspired me so much that I expected myself to conquer my fear and be able to perform on the stage just like them. I believed here might be the right place to provide me with every chance to build up my confidence on the stage, and the right place to overcome my deep fear with the support of my fellow club members. Therefore, I joined the club at that time.

At first, it was Claire who made me feel I wasn’t alone in this club. Her consideration gave me a sense of security every time I wanted to make progress and improve myself. Now we became very good friends and we share much joy and sorrow together in our daily lives. I also made lots of friends with whom we share our encouragement. I just want to let everyone of you know…the friendships I got in NTUTM are all treasurable to me. As I stayed in NTUTM longer and longer, I gradually noticed that there must be some kind of magic power here. The power attracts so many excellent people to dedicate themselves to the club. Here I see many senior members’ enthusiasm. Here I know I can definitely improve myself with the companionship of others. Here I experience the sense of achievement of helping others with my own ability. NTUTM is like a home, and we improve and support each other like a family.

Still, I have to confess that when I first joined NTUTM, I just wanted to find a suitable environment and made my progress step by step. I didn’t originally plan to devote so much time and effort to this club especially in this moment when I’m going to move on to another stage in my life. I was the kind of person who lacks courage to make huge change far from my original plans. And being the president of NTUTM was completely out of what I have expected in the beginning. However, as I stay longer in this club, I know I can’t just sit on the sidelines anymore. It’s the right time to convince more excellent people to remain in the club. It’s the right time to build the cohesion in NTUTM. Cohesion can bring us belongingness. And belongingness is the feeling of home.“Home” is the goal, or the spirit I want to help NTUTM achieve and fulfill.

No matter what reasons encourage you to come to NTUTM, I believe people can be the important factors that intensify the original reasons of all of you. I believe that belongingness can make club members willing to stay. It can bring us courage and strength to take every step in our lives. I would like to strengthen this belongingness in NTUTM. And I would like to make NTUTM a home for you. This is why I aim to take the position of the President of NTUTM in 2015-Fall.

After talking about the emotional aspects, it’s still essential to provide some practical plans for the next semester. To start with, I would like to clarify, these are just the basic ideas, because there is still room for further details and discussion, especially with my Vice Presidents. If you have any question or suggestion, I will be more than happy to discuss different views and perspectives with all of you.

Most of the current tasks in the 3 Vice President Teams will remain, but I will put more emphasis on making friendly contact among each team. For example, the lists of works in each team could be viewed by the other two teams. If my job is writing the blog, I can directly find the person in charge of uploading the photos in one meeting without asking other deputies unrelated to the job. I hope this will help the understanding and cooperation among all teams, especially when any deputy requires support. It may cut down on the time necessary for finding adequate assistance. Besides, I’ll spend more time taking care of the conditions of each deputy and being the bridge between my officers if needed. I hope to not only enhance the attendance of officers in the meetings and activities, but also unite our cohesion and belongingness.

I would describe our club as a tree: Education is the trunk while; activities are the leaves and blossoms that allow the tree to thrive. So the officers together play indispensable roles to foster luxuriant growth of the plant.

To cultivate the educational parts in NTUTM, the EVP team executes some tasks to reach this goal. They handle all the details in Study Group Discussions, Mentor-Mentee Platform, and every meeting and contest. The EVP team is also responsible for blogs and the educational sessions. There are two main alterations I would like to make. The first one is that the impromptu speech position will be added more often for the senior and experienced members. I hope this could raise the quality of our meetings and motivate those already being at ease on stage to be eagerer to try this great challenge. Another change will be done in the educational session. I want to put topics such as speech or IE skills in this session. I hope this could make this session more useful and related to our club.

For the MVP team, their ultimate goal is to enhance good connections among all the members through various activities. Among all the activities, two outings and two dinners will remain. Picnic Day and additional activities like sports, watching movies or mountain climbing will be included if possible. The Second gathering will be kept, and we can also encourage members who are available before the meeting to join our newly-created “pregathering” events. Which means we could have dinner before the meeting and go to the meeting venue together. And just like the previous semesters, the MVP team will hold the Mentor-mentee Symposium and match our mentors and mentees. But this time, we will try to make the mentor-mentee interaction more efficient and organized. If the mentor is too busy during some certain period, we will at least make sure that every freshman will be taken care of no matter in meetings or activities.

The PRVP team plays an important role in the next semester. Just like what I have mentioned, many senior members are about to leave. As a result, the PRVP team needs to put lots of efforts in recruiting as many new members as possible. Other original tasks in PRVP team are advertising NTUTM, the reception of meetings, the designed meeting and the Elementary School Projects.

Besides the three VP teams, in this semester we have two independent officers: the Treasurer and the Secretary, who are in charge of the administration parts of NTUTM. In the next semester, I want to merge these responsibilities and assign them under the Treasurer’s position, and then there will be two officers managing the duties together. I hope all the details will be carried out completely with efficiency in this case.

Although there might be some change in my basic plans after I discuss with my VPs and other senior members, here’s one thing I would like to reassure you. I’m a person who puts high value on promises. I always keep the promise in mind once I make one. Since I’m determined to be the president, I will devote myself as much as possible to NTUTM.

I’m not in the style of drastic changes, so being innovative may not be a proper road for me. Instead, I’m a practical and careful person. I’ll try to plan and prepare everything in advance to the last detail. For instance, I will put emphasis on the beforehand examinations. In this way, more mistakes can be prevented and the quality of every activity can be enhanced. I believe others could definitely feel it when we put enough attention on the quality. In this case, I will need help from all the officers a lot because NTUTM is such a large club and I realize that I may not be able to keep my eyes on every detail on my own. Here, I want to give my upmost appreciation to those who have agreed to be my officers. It’s because of you that I have the courage to take this task at this time.

What’s more, I’m a straightforward person, and I’m willing to listen and take advice from others. So if anyone has suggestions or ideas, just feel free to tell me and let’s make the club better. Here are two things I think important for a group- they are communication and cooperation. Based on both aspects, I hope I will be able to create good balance among each team and each officer. I hope I could establish a sense of cohesion and make my officers love this club and willing to make NTUTM a warmer home with me.

Even though being the president of this club was not in my original plans for my educational career, I am now determined to dedicate myself to this position and the club’s future. I will work hard to keep my promise. I will make efforts to assist NTUTM reach the spirit I mentioned, a “home”.

In the very beginning of my life in NTUTM, I received assistance from so many of you to make progress. Now, I would like to give my devotion to others and to the club. I hope with enough effort and passion, I will be able to touch your hearts. Now, I would like to invite you, all of you to join us. Let’s make NTUTM a warmer and sweeter home together! :)



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