Freshman Cup 2-Embrace the challenge!


當然,在此之前,要先介紹,我們可愛的TME Charlie Ou Charlotte Gu啦!

今天第一位speakerEllie LinSlow Down and Enjoy Life

1.Be hard pressed for time  時間緊迫

例句:Eve feels that she is hard pressed for time,because she has to finish three essays in two days.伊芙感到時間緊迫,因為她必須在兩天內完成三份論文。


2.Haste makes waste.欲速則不達

第二位speakerJack PanWhen I Am on the Stage

1.Brat 小屁孩

例句:Look!The brat over there is picking on the puppy.你看!在那邊的那個小屁孩正在欺負小狗。

2.Ease one’s nerves 舒緩緊張

例句:Taking a deep breath is a way to ease your nerves.深呼吸是舒緩緊張的一種方式。

第三位speakerYolanda Chu

1. Get a tan 曬黑

例句:Most women in Asia don’t like to get a tan.大多數的亞洲女人不喜歡曬黑。

2.In a panic 恐慌

例句:Everyone in the hotel are all in a panic,because of the serial killings. 在旅館裡的每個人皆因連續殺人案而感到恐慌。

第四位speakerMichael LinMy Future Plan

1.Stiff 僵硬的、不自然的

例句:Ruby’s fingers are stiff because of the low temperature.因為低溫,盧比的手指僵硬。

2.Pharmacy 藥學、藥房

補充:藥劑師  pharmacist

例句:Peter majors in pharmacy.彼得主修藥學。

3.Account for 負責

例句:Everyone should account for his behavior.每個人都應為自己的行為負責。

第五位speakerTina ChenBetter Late than Never

1.Give st. a try 嘗試

例句:Give every fresh things a try ,because YOLO(You only live once.)!因為我們只會活一次,所以盡情地去嘗試所有新事物吧!

2.Pluck up one’s courage 鼓起勇氣

例句:Zoey plucks up her courage to raise her hand and share her opinions in class.柔伊鼓起勇氣舉起手於課堂中發言。

3.Have confidence in 對…有自信

例句:Susan has confidence in her appearance.蘇珊對她的外貌很有自信。

第六位speakerJason ChuangWeight Training

1.Six pack 六塊肌

例句:David tried very hard to have six pack,but,unfortunately,he failed.大衛努力地想擁有六塊肌,但很不幸地,他失敗了。

2.Persuade sb. to V/into V-ing 說服某人…..

例句一:Smith persuades me into cooperating with him.史密斯說服我與他合作。

例句二:I persuade my mom to buy a notebbook for me.我說服我媽媽買一台筆電給我。

第七位speakerAlbert LanThe Next Big One

1.In the rush hour 在交通尖峰時段

例句:Traffic jam is very common in the rush hour.在交通尖峰時段,塞車是非常常見的。

3.Put into action 付諸實行

例句:If you want to make your dream into a reality,first,you have to put into action. 如果你想實現夢想,首先,你必須付諸行動。

第八位speakerTerry WangHow to Change My Shy Personality

1.Keep silent 保持沉默

例句:Everyone in the classroom keeps silent.在教室裡的每一個人都保持沉默。

2.Come up with 想出

例句:Edmund comes up with ways to solve the poor situation.艾德蒙想出方法以解決慘狀。

最後一位speakerLouis ChenLife in Sales Job

1.Act one’s age 此用法因使用對象而有二義,如果是對一個孩子說,意思為其表現過於成熟,反之,用於成年人身上,意思為其表現過於幼稚。

例句:Lucy,at your age!You shouldn’t be that childish.露西,你不應該如此地幼稚。

2.Introvert 內向的人

例句:Introverts tend to have a shy personality.內向的人通常有著害羞的人格特質。


最後,當然要介紹一下今天辛苦的三位judges Samin Ieong , Jessica Chen  和 Jason Lee,GE Ivan Sit  LE Minnie Lin喇~

另外,也恭喜所有Freshman Cup Two的參賽者,踏出了第一步!>//////<







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