Bess Chen, Apply IE Skill in Your Daily Life, C9

Bess Chen, Apply IE Skill in Your Daily Life, C9

Image a scenario, after you confessed your love to your classmate, today is your fifth date with your girlfriend. However, the color of her clothes is weird. What would you say? A, you are so pretty. B, you say nothing. C, you look strange. To those who we are not very close to, I believe most of you would choose B, saying nothing. However, is that the best response? Probably not. This is because you don’t tell the truth. This will probably lead to the result that next time her wearing may still be terrible.

Now what you need is IE skill. IE stands for individual evaluator, the position to evaluate a speech in Toastmasters meetings. Why we need IE in Toastmasters meeting? This is because there is no perfect speech in the world. Therefore, we need someone to tell us the weakness of our speeches. Most important of all, we want to know the way to get improved. The three important steps of IE are kiss-kick-kiss. The first kiss means to share your personal opinion that you think it is a good speech. Kick means to talk about something that he needs to improve and teach him how to make process. The second kiss means to say something to encourage the speakers to make improvement and give speakers the courage to deliver their next speech. For me, IE skill can not only be used in Toastmasters meeting. We can apply it in our daily life.

Now let’s come back to our story in the beginning, if I were the boy, I would say, you are beautiful tonight. Still I have a humble suggestion for you which can make you more beautiful. Maybe you can change the color of your clothes from pink to yellow, because that can match the color of your pants. Anyway, you are so beautiful. I love you.

For most people, we have a group of people that we call “friends”, but not “good friends”. In this kind of relationship, we want to keep polite and try to leave a good impression in others’ mind. Therefore, we often hesitate to tell the truth, when something goes wrong, because we are afraid of hurting others’ hearts. Most people choose to say nothing. However, is that the best way to handle the problem? If he or she is the person who lacks of self-awareness, or he or she doesn’t know how to make improvement, I think if we are their friends, we should help them to find out the way to fix the problems. That’s when we can use IE skill. IE skill is the art of expression. It is like the medicine with a layer of sugar. Three steps of IE, kiss-kick-kiss not only help others understand their problem, but also show them the direction to make improvement. Last semester, when I served as Education Vice President, I benefited a lot from IE skill. As a vice president, we really hope my deputies can give out their suggestions. When I receive my deputies’ suggestions, at first, I would l give out my feedback directly. For example, wow! This idea is awesome, or I think it doesn’t match the core value of Toastmasters. Although I told the truth, I became somehow hurt others’ feeling. Then, I learned to use IE skill. I would l give out my sincere compliment to thank for their ideas or suggestions. Then I would tell them the problem of their ideas and the aspect which they could think more. Finally, I would say, I appreciate your hard work and look forward to your improvement. To become the person who is good at communication, we should be honest and considerate. Eventually, IE skill will help you to build up the relationship with others.

Now, you might ask, where can I learn IE skill? I’m glad that all of you take the right step. You join Toastmasters meeting. Here, you can not only learn how to evaluate speeches from being an IE, but also learn the spirit of giving out your suggestions in a gentle way. Hope you can apply it to your daily life. This is one of the important lessons I learn from NTU Toastmasters. Now, I am trying to become a good IE in TM. Most important of all, I try my best to be a great IE in real life.



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