Anthony,Nurtured By a Crazy Dad,C2

Anthony,Nurtured By a Crazy Dad,C2 Hello everyone, I’m Anthony. as you can see from the title “nurtured by a crazy dad” , this is a story about a crazy dad and his poor son. 

Since i am only 20, single, not even close on economical independence, so you’ll know that I’m not the crazy dad but the poor one. This is the crazy dad,technically, my dad. (by the way, is he handsome? silence. so you guys means I’m better than him right? silence again. ok fine) this young guy who just graduated from NTU, with his sparkling future. he dreamed of becoming an outstanding engineer, invented the best computer in the world, started his own promising business and travel around the world. But when he accidentally married a lovely woman and his son born, he gradually gave up his exciting dreams, turned his attention toward his boy, educated him in his own experimental way. The first experimental parenting happened when i was only one and a half year old. everyday my dad threatened me stop using diapers so frequently or i would be sent to our richer landlord who owned several supermarket. every morning before he went to work, every night before i fell asleep, he kept saying this by my side.And guess what? I made it. I got rid of my diapers one week later. you guys must be curious that how can I remember it. But actually, I didn’t. I’m so familiar with the unimaginable story cause my father mention it all the time. every time we argue against each other, he use the story as a proof that he can help me with a lot of problems that i can’t solve by my self. It’s only an small example cause I’ve got so many to say. when i was 6, one day my father have me to practice squat down for more than half hour cause he realized all great man have their uncommon childhood after we watching a movie called 少林⾜足球 together. i don’t even know which part of the movie enlightened him with the strange thought. but he did it, and i made it, again. But this time i didn’t successfully made it at all. and i bet even the little kid Albert Einstein couldn’t pass my dad’s training. the core value of the practice was assembling ability. he gave me a bicycle, a motor, a circuit board, a chargeable battery, and several wires. he wanted me to assembled all of the stuff mentioned on the bike so that he could ride his bike to work and charge the battery in the same time. Are you serious? a chargeable bike made by a 10 year old kid? you must be kidding. of course I couldn’t did it. no one can do it when they were only 10! Let go of assembling ability, it’s even worser when it comes to ability of nursing care.several days after i failed on the bike test, he told me that i have to practice taking care of him ASAP cause one day he’ll become too old to taking care of himself. so i have no choice but to follow his order, led him to the bathroom, took off his pant, waited him finish, help him wipe,and wash his body. unbelievable ! is it so called sexual harassment? maybe i should call the police! if you think its all he can do, you are totally wrong. it’s more harmful when he wants to tease you. there was a time he bought me 20 dumplings cause i ranked 20 in my final exam. he even told me if i rank lower i could get more next time. Maybe you guys think my dad is funny and humorous, me too now, but i didn’t. i used to hate my dad. i hated he always wants me to do something weird, i hated him being so mean. i hate him seldom admire me even though i did well. just like you guys may hate your parents cause they murmur, they spy, they track, they do whatever they want without caring our feelings. what’s more unacceptable is all they got to convince you is only their ages and social experience. I do hate it, but i understand it gradually. I know they do all of these out of love, but showed in their own way. after all, there is a generation gap between us, and it’s hard to connect what we want with what they think is good. so it result a lot of argument, we are driven crazy and they are disappointed. i used to think that my dad want me die so that he can have another smarter son. but actually my dad think his amazingly original educating method would help me grow up happily with an unforgettable childhood memories. Last week he was so excitied when he heard that i want to write him into my speech. he even taught me how to arrange my script so that you guys would know how great he is. but actually i am gonna comment him in a totally opposite way, and i believe his educating method will make more poor kids suffer from depression. so,did i tell him that i won’t listen to his advice and i will talk him behind his back? no i didn’t .instead , i told him that i’m gonna tell everyone how great he is cause i know he gave me what he think is best for me. If i could change him, i’ll try to do it. if i couldn’t ,that doesn’t matter. cause i know he loves me, that’s enough.



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