2015/3/20 Mentor Mentee Symposium- A good mentor brings you a good start!

參加完兩場精彩的 Demo meeting


接下來要登場的就是 Mentor-Mentee Symposium

在 Mentor-Mentee Symposium 中,各個吐司新生將經由配對得到一位經驗豐富、亦師亦友的 mentor,

Mentors 可以陪伴你成長、帶領你熟悉、融入吐司的喔:)

廢話不多說,這次的meeting是由Bess ChenDavid Ku一起擔任TME




1.alumnus(n.)校友 複數alumni

例句:Mark is an alumnus of NTU.

2.skip class 翹課

例句:Sara skipped a lot of classes when she was in college.

3.go bankrupt 破產

例句:He has been feeling down since he went bankrupt.

接著,是由Kenneth Huang帶來的Variety Session-Devotion



在這個 session 中我們也來複習一些常見的片語吧!

1.brainstorm about st. 腦力激盪

例句: Hank has been brainstorming about how to assemble a computer on his own.

(Rita has been brainstorming the whole evening about writing the blog, and she finally realizes what is a so-called ‘breakdown’.)

2.be devoted to+N/V-ing 致力於

be devoted to 的 to 在這裡是做為介詞使用,所以後面不可以接原形動詞喔!要接名詞或動名詞!

例句1:Zoe is devoted to the protection of rare animals.

例句2:Dorry is devoted to helping those people who are in poverty.

3.glance over 瀏覽、草草一看

例句:Wendy glanced over her notes before she took a test.

今天Prepared Speech Session的第一位講者是Anthony Hsieh

演講的題目是"Nurtured By a Crazy Dad“。

在他的演講中,我們可以知道Anthony Hsieh的爸爸多麽瘋狂XD

但 Anthony 的演講卻處處透露深厚的父子之情:)


1.parental tyranny 虎媽虎爸

2.dream of +V-ing 夢想著……

例句:Louis dreams of becoming a super star in the future.

3.get rid of 擺脫、除去

例句:Rebecca wants to get rid of her bad habits.

第二位講者是Melody Chang,演講題目為"Trust Me You Can Make It“。






也讓 Melody 來幫我們複習一些常用片語吧~

1.resist temptation 抵擋誘惑

例句:Anna can’t resist the temptation of cakes.

2.make up one’s mind 下定決心

例句:Mandy has made up her mind to be a fashion designer since she was little.

3.ask sb. for help 向某人尋求幫助

例句:Jimmy didn’t know how to finish his math homework ,so he asked his mom for help.

這次的Educational Session,由Jane Teng教大家與油相關幾個實用的片語!

1.burn the midnight oil 熬夜(專用於因讀書而熬夜!)

2.banana oil 廢話

3.pour oil on troubled water(s) 使某人或某物冷靜下來

4.palm-oil 賄賂

這次的Language Evaluator是、General EvaluatorClarie Liu

我們來看看他們給了什麼樣的 feedback 吧^^


1. Pronunciation for abbreviations: For “FIFA”, we have to pronounce it like a word, instead of saying “F-I-F-A”.

2. Toastmasters and Toastmaster

Toastmasters : an organiztion

Toastmaster : two different meanings- (1)a member in the organization. (2)a company which makes toasters.


( Claire為我們詳細複習了一次整個 meeting 應該注意的事項!)

1. Time control: at least one minute in the variety session.

2. Shake hands: Whenever passing the microphone to another person on the stage, remember to shake hands with him or her.

3. Technical problems– microphones: When you are a speaker on the stage, you must get near to the audience and speak as loud as you can if the microphone is broken.

4. Variety session:

For session masters, it’s great to get close to the audience and interact with them.

For the audience, just raise your hand to be the volunteer.

5. Prepared speech speakers:

Please stand close to the audience.

What’s more, if you want to put pictures on the slides, make them as big as you can.

Finally, when you end your speech, please look at the TMEs and say, “TME.”!!

另外,本週的Best prepared speech speakerAnothony Hsieh獲得、Best variety session speakerTina Chang獲得 !



別擔心,4/10與4/11的Freshman Cup#1 and 2在等著你唷^^!

To start, you don’t have to be good,

but to be good, you have to start!



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