2014/12/20 Special for You- *ADVANCED SGD*

It is our great honor to have Angel Li, a highly experienced NTU Toastmaster and is currently in ASC/ALB, to give us an advanced SGD!

{Angel’s Classroom I}

Before Angel starts the class, she would like each member to write down something.

[Warm-up Session]

  • Write down your major obstacle encountered in TM journey, or the problem you would like to know more in your TM journey.
  • Sheets are Collected into a box.
  • Draw a sheet from the box. 
  • Perform the scenario and audience will guess.

After finishing writing the sheets, Angel invites everyone to share his/her words with us.

Now let’s start the class! The main goal for the Advanced SGD is to “seek our breakthrough". There are Technical Obstacle and Mental Obstacle. They are the two main difficulties we often have when giving a speech. Everyone may have more obstacles toward the technical side or the mental’s. How about you?  圖片3圖片5

[Practice I]

Angel would like us to draw our TM Track first:


There are several questions for you to review your TM life:

  • How did you meet Toastmasters?
  • Why did you start your TM journey?
  • What impress you the most? e.g. Legendary Speakers
  • What impress you the most? e.g. Excellent Hosts
  • What had you witnessed? e.g. Prototype of SGD
    • Are you one of them?
    • But, how if someone has not even tried?

Angel talks about questions TM members often have: 圖片7

[Practice II]

Write down your expectations in TM and your actual status:


You might encounter problems like this:


{Angel’s Classroom II}

Angel then shares her own journey of being a TM member. She used to feel depressed about her performance in TM, but later she found her ways out to improve herself step by step. Here are her suggestions:

  • Change the environment.
    • Find your way to re-charge your confidence!
    • Visit sister clubs to explore whole new world.
    • Find  new possibility.
    • Be inspired.
    • Receive stimulation and motivations out of Toastmasters!

Let’s take a look at Angel’s TM journey!

圖片10 圖片11 圖片12 圖片13

Now Angel is also helping other TM clubs, evaluating, and giving speeches. Although she had had doubts in herself, she tried to change her environments and worked even harder. Her TM life now is fulfilling and remarkable! 

圖片14 圖片15 圖片16 圖片17 圖片18 DSC02842

*For more precious contents in Angel’s Advanced SGD Class, visit our Youtube Channel: 



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