David Ku, 119 in My Life, C1

David Ku, 119 in My Life, C1

Hello everyone, my name is David, 顧昱得. My friends like to call me 故意的. I am a freshman in graduate school of NTUST. Although I am not an NTU student, I am very pleased to join NTU Toastmasters and make friends with all of you here.

The title of my speech is [119 in my life]. I would like to tell you a story about my wonderful experience.

Before sharing my story with you, please imagine the scenario below some specific conditions. I will ask you some questions later. If anyone get the correct answer, he or she will get a prize. Ok, let’s start to use our imagination based on what I say. Imagine that it is a sunny day. The sun is smiling at you. When you walk on the street, everything looks normal and peaceful. Suddenly, you see black smoke coming out from the windows of the building The black smoke….oh my God, the building is on fire. Let’s stop here for a while. And the first question lies here pleas listen carefully. At this moment, what phone number would you dial?

The audience: 119

Excellent! When there is a fire, we should call 119. Then the firefighters will arrive as soon as possible to put out the fire.

Now, let’s continue our story. Imagine that it’s another day, under a similar situation, and you are still walking on the same street .But this time, you see a person getting hurt in a traffic accident. Here comes the second question. If someone has been injured, what phone number would you dial ?

The audience:119

Exactly, ! If anyone is someone has been injured, you should call 119 to ask for help, too. Then the Emergency Medical Technician (緊急救護技術員)will arrive as soon as possible to provide emergency help.

Now let’s move on to the third part. This time, there aren’t any accidents on the road. However, when you open the door of your house, there is a snake inside. What should you do next?

The audiences: call 119

Are you sure? Please remember don’t call 119 if there are snacks, rather than snakes. All right, all right, it’s just a joke. If a big snake really appears in your house, you must definitely call 119, and the fireman will come to help you again.

I used to be a fireman during my alternative military service(消防替代役). From last September to this July , I serviced in Sanhsing township, Yilan county. The events and memories from that time were so wonderful that they still influenced me a lot until now .As a result, I would like to share the experience of being a fireman as my first speech.

What were the firefighters’ jobs? When anyone called us by 119, we should immediately stop our work at hand, take on an ambulance, and rush to the site of the accident as soon as possible. Even though we were sleeping, taking a bath or eating, we still couldn’t change the SOP after getting receiving an emergency phone call.

Emergency medical assistance(緊急醫療) is a major service provided by firefighters. Before we serve fireman, we had to take emergency medical training to be a qualified Emergent Medical Technicians(緊急醫療技術員). With the abilities to provide emergency medical assistance, I had accomplished many missions. For Example, in car accidents and other emergency conditions, when the patient was out of breath or had no heartbeats, we must do perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation , CPR for the patient.

In the countryside, firefighters provide some special services like catching wasps and snakes. In the summer and autumn season, snakes come out so frequently that we had to capture them almost every day.

During the service time, I have encountered many experiences. It’s hard to tell you all my feelings in details, but I truly understand the meaning of life more than before. Those It was those dangerous, sad, happy or touching experiences that made me taste the colorfulness in true life. If you also want to experience the diversity of real life ,being a fireman as your alternative military service would be a good choice for you. Toastmasters of the Evening.




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