Angelica Tsai, ATM, C1

Angelica Tsai, ATM, C1

Dear fellow Toastmasters, I am Angelica. Today I am going to talk about “ATM”. Maybe some of you don’t know who I am, but actually I say hello to you in a quiet way every meeting! You may be very confused, then just take a look at the agenda in your hand! The first page is designed by me every week. Also, you might have another question. Why did I join NTUTM? Truth be told, two years ago, I was a participant in the Toast Camp. And now, I would like to share with you my little adventure in the process of applying for the camp.

One day, while I was surfing the net, I suddenly sew the website of toast camp. The NTU Toastmasters Camp is a camp held by NTUTM every summer vacation for senior high school students to learn English presentation skills. The content looked so appealing to me that I was eager to join at once. Therefore, I made a great deal of effort to complete the application, which required me to write short essays according to the topic. After getting through it, I was still doubtful about whether I could be qualified so I sent several emails to ask my English teacher for correction. However, those emails sank into oblivion, as if a stone sinks in the deepest bottom of the sea.


Couldn’t bear to be unqualified, I decide to call for help in person after class on the day before the deadline. To my surprise, there were already tons of students lining up waiting for the teacher. Hence, it wasn’t until 11pm that finally /it was my turn to get my paper revised By then, my father had already arrived and waited for me for more than one hour, but I couldn’t just give up and leave. Once it was over I dart through the corridor as quickly as I could. Dare not imagine how furious my father would be after waiting for such a long time.


Of course, I was severely scolded by my infuriating father. Later that night, when my parents fell in to a deep slumber, I turned on the computer, and were about to type in the corrected version of my essay. To my astonishment, it was nowhere to be found!


Where would it be? I quickly traced back my memory. OMG! It stood a good chance of dropping on the ground as I rushed into my dad’s car. I couldn’t help but wondering: what if the street cleaner swept it away in the early morning? What if it rained and damped the hand-writing? Not to mention that the next day would be the deadline!


Time went by, I become more and more anxious. Should I leave home alone at midnight to find it back? I couldn’t even imagine how furious my parents would be if they discover it. Still, unwilling to let all my effort go down the drain, I plucked up my courage, sneeking out and took a taxi. When I arrived there, the paper was indeed lying there. Thank god! I was so glad that I was assertive at makingvthe decision


Later, as you know, I successfully got admittance to the Toast camp. It really amazed me and I had lots of fun there, so I joined NTUTM club afterward. And in the following year, I became an officer for the camp and was responsible for marking the grade for the applicants! What a funny but remarkable coincidence!


Never did I regret making this crazy decisions for that application. It led me here, and I will always maintain the craziness and courage to challenge myself in TM!



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