Gillion Kuo, Self Introduction, C1

Gillion Kuo, Self Introduction, C1

Hello, my name is Gillion. I’m from Taipei Medical University. I’m a nursing student in my sophomore year. Someone hearing nursing usually asks, “Why study nursing? It’s stressful and gets low pay!” Actually, what I hoped at first was pharmacy. My father always said to me, “Be a pharmacist! You won’t worry about money and will never lose your job. Most importantly, you don’t have to work night shift!” But finally, I didn’t reach the threshold of its grade. So I got my second choice, nursing. I tried to transfer to pharmacy but I failed.

But after my careful considering, I think pharmacy is not what I really want. I imagine working in a clinic and prepare medicine, fill the prescription, and give it to patients. It feels like a robot! It’s not that tiring as a nurse, but I wanna do what I really love and what I think is more meaningful. The value is that I can help patients directly, take care of them, give patient instruction, listen to their problem, and so on. A nurse is who patients are most reliable on in hospitals. Not only those skills like giving a shot does a nurse have to prepare. I’m also trying hard to build up other abilities, such as courage, confidence, and patience, through many ways.

In fact, I’m here because I wanna break through myself. I think giving speech can be one of the way to get these abilities. I’m glad to have chance standing here. It can be traced back to the beginning of this semester. I never heard Toastmaster until it was founded in our school. I went to the first meeting in TMU TM. I learnt the purpose of this club, and exactly known how Toastmaster works. Bess and Emma gave speech at that time. I was amazed at their fluent speech. However, I don’t have strong determination and courage to throw myself into it then. For me, it’s too serious! Just listening to the speech and trying to deliver speech, it’s kinda boring. Fortunately, I got a business card from Bess that time and after her invitation, I come to NTU TM. Without exaggeration. It’s totally different! Fun drama, conversation, and various speech titles. In a joyful air, we discuss some issues in a group. I’m trying to sharing my thought, trying to speak in English. At that time, I’m sure I like this kind of learning method, and it’ll help me to achieve my goal.

This is not my first time delivering speech. I took part in English speech contest in senior high school but the outcome wasn’t good. I feel awkward when speaking in front of lots of people, I’m afraid of forgetting what I’m going to say, or something out of expectation may happen during my speech. I think the main problem is that I am not confident, brave enough to talk in public.


Courage and confidence. They are important elements for me, for being a nurse. As a nursing student, I think I have to work hard to build up these abilities. In the future, I have to be brave to face every difficulty, and face doctors, patients, and their families. I have to have enough self-confidence so that patients and their family can trust me to tell me their physical or psychology problem, and then obey the patient instruction. I hope I can improve myself. Be a confident, brave person and try hard to challenge myself, not only be a nurse, but be a good listener and speaker. TME



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