2014/12/07 Hey! It’s Slide Design!-SGD#4

Have you ever want to make your slides look greater and cooler?

We’re honored to have our club leader, Richard Lin, to give us a class on Slide Design! 

In the article, we’re going to show you some tips and the video of Richard’s class!

{Richard’s Classroom #1}


“What is a Good Slide?"

“What is an Effective slide design?"

The Core Value is : Informative+Eye-directive+Eye-focusing

1.Basic skills

2. Practical design

3. Presenting skills

*Little Note:

Skill no. 1. and no. 2. : what you need to acquire before your speech!

Skill no. 3. :  what you need when you’re on the stage!


“How to choose the Right Color?"

You may want to use a color ring for help! 


Also, instead of making your slides looked distracting, 

you can use the skill of “color hint" to light up the point.


This is one of my favorite part of Richard’s class! 

Colors have meanings! 

For example, the color Green can mean good or safe;

the color Red can mean dangerous. 


A great example with different meanings of green and red is like this:


↑It shows the importance of the ups and downs in the stocks market. 

For the full Richard Class#1, enjoy it here↓

{Richard’s Classroom #2} [Practice I]

Take this picture as an example.


We can use this package of tools for to decorate this slide:


[Practice I]


The two slides below need your help to make them look better!


Everyone started to work on their own slides! :D

In the meantime, Richard also mentioned:


Three Key messages of using pictures or icons are:


For the full Richard Class#2, enjoy it here↓

{Richard’s Classroom #3} [Practice II]

Before Practice II, Richard talked about the key messages

to make your slides both “Eye-directive" and “Eye-focusing".


For example, below is a good designed slide:


[Practice II]

Now it’s time for the 2nd practice!


Situation: Help a professor with her slides. 

The professor tried to explain something related to the last 3 presidents.


For the full Richard Class#3, enjoy it here↓

{Richard’s Classroom #4} [Practice III]

It’s time to learn “Practical Design"!

In order to make sure your slides are well-arranged and designed,

we have to take step by step during the designing process:


Moreover, your “Presenting Skills" is also of great importance.

Follow those 3 messages below and you’ll succeed!


[Practice III] The KP’s Project (*KP=柯P)


Here’s for your practice, let’s follow the steps above and make the one slide:


For the full Richard Class#4, enjoy it here↓

In the end, everyone has designed his and her own professional slides!

Let’s take a look at their cool works done within just a short time!

投影片1 投影片2 投影片3 投影片4 投影片5 投影片6

Now I believe you cannot wait to try these new ways to design slides!

Don’t forget to join us the next time! :D

*Thank you Howard for taking photos of us! :)




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