2014/12/05 Hey! It’s In-House Contest!

It’s In-House Contest!

For those of you who might wonder what In-House Contest is,

let’s go take a look at this cool event, shall we? :)

Our Contest Chair, Richard Lin.

 Timers: Jinney Guo & Jerry Zhong


 Vote Counter: Ivan Sit

Chief Judge: Ivy

Judge 1: Irene Lin/Judge 2: Richard

Judge 3: Sterlin Hsiao/Judge 4: Kendric Huang

{Speech Time}

1st   Contestant: Claire Liu

C8 Speech “A Unit in a Unity"

Claire started with a true story of her in childhood. From the memory she learned about “teamwork".  As the now grown-up Claire standing here today, she shares with us the importance of “teamwork" and the relationship between “teamwork" and our “individuality".

*Sneak Peek*

“After all, ’’A Team’’ should be seen as singular. But what exactly does teamwork bring us? And what’s more, how do we go back and forth between teamwork, and our own personal traits, or sometimes we call it individuality?"


2nd  Contestant: Jason Lee 

A1 Speech “Sign Up Tonight!"

This is Jason’s 11th speech! He has finished 10 speeches so far!

Want to know where his inspirations come from? How does he view the value of a speech?

Tonight, he shares with us how he search for ideas for his speeches and why you should sign up for giving a speech tonight!

*Sneak Peek*

“Two years ago, when I was a freshmen. I had a common question. “I don’t know what to say?" “I don’t have time to prepare a speech? No no, it’s not difficult as you think. So, how did I finish my 10 speeches. Let’s look…"


3rd Contestant: Danny Chang

C5 Speech “Bella Zio! My Experience in Utrecht"

“Bella Zio!" Danny begins his speech with a delightful greeting in Italian.

This summer, Danny went to Utretcht city in Holland, joining in a summer school.

There, he met lots of friends and had learned many interesting things.

It is his first time to Europe. Tonight, he is going to share his fun experience there with us.

*Sneak Peek*

“At the summer school, I joined a course named “Why We Need Bees?” The topic sounds interesting to me. And bees are important of the course! But today, unlike my many speeches before, I am not going to focus on bees. Because I spent lots of time exploring this city and making friends, I am going to share my experience during this journey."


4th Contestant: Howard Hwai

C8 Speech “Apprentice"

Howard begins with his interview with professors in NTU medical school.

It has been three years since then. Still his dream hasn’t changed: become a doctor.

What makes him wants to become a the next “史懷哲" or “懷P"?

What happens during his years in medical school?

He met a “teacher" which he admired much. Who is the “teacher"?

*Sneak Peek*

“…But besides the joke, indeed I had high expectation and ideal to become a medical student at that time. Me, as a medical student, is more like an apprentice. We learn through teacher’s mentoring. Just like what we do in NTUTM."


{Table Topics Contest}

As Chief Judge, Ivy says before the Table Topics Contest,

the contestants need to “think fast, but think before you speak!"

Now the contest begins.

The topic is: “What is your dream?"

Contestant No.1: Howard Hwai

“I want to become a doctor…That is very common in Taiwan’s education because no high school students know what they are going to do. But I think in the third year in medical school I learned something very important, is that the first thing…"


Contestant No.2: Joey Chen

“What’s my dream? I will definitely not say: become a doctor. When I was a child, I like to eat. … I want to become a chef….That was my first dream. And the second dream was about becoming a vet, because…"


Contestant No.3: Jason Lee

“What is my dream? This is an absolutely amazing great question. I have to thank god that god led me to my department right now. Right now I’m … and I have to say that this domain is exactly my interest. In my high school years, …"


Contestant No.4: Samin Ieong

“Years ago, I read a novel that has changed me a great deal. Its name is called “To kill a mocking bird". And the reason why this book has inspired me a lot is because it is about a lawyer who is willing to…"


{Judges Evaluation}

Let’s here from our judges’ precious words of advice! :)

Chief Judge: Ivy

“Maybe it’s better with no slides."

“Make good use of the 1 min  of silence time."

What’s more, Ivy also gives us a tip! The “3 seconds" tip.

Breathe-Hold the mic-Repeat the questions

“In just 3 minutes, you can develop the Opening, Body, and Conclusion." Amazing, isn’t it?

Judge: Richard

He talks about “stage use": “Stand in the middle. Don’ t be afraid."

Also, he mentions: “Conclusion, don’t forget it."

Judge: Sterlin Hsiao

“Move your body from the left to the right, and then back to the middle."

Judge: Kendric Huang

“I appreciate to the speakers who interact with the audience. …I encourage you to join the Table Topics Contests."

{Aaward Time}

Congrats to the winners of tonight’s In-House Contest!

The 1st best Prepared Speech speaker: Howard Hwai

The 2nd best Prepared Speech speaker: Claire Liu

The 3rd best Prepared Speech speaker: Jason Lee

The 1st best Table Topics speaker: Joey Chen

The 2nd best Table Topics speaker: Samin Ieong

The 3rd best Table Topics speaker: Jason Lee

{Words from our Club Leader}

“How do you feel about your 1st  place?” “If you dare to sign up these positions, there’s nothing that scares you in the future!" -Richard

{Meeting Adjourned}

What a great night! It is an exciting contest and each speaker has done an outstanding job. Maybe YOU will be the next who join the contest? Don’t be afraid and just sign up! :)



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