Jason Lee, Sign Up Tonight!, A1

Jason Lee, Sign Up Tonight!, A1

Today is Dec. 5th. It’s a memorable day for me. 2 Years ago, Dec 1st 2012, in this same classroom, I delivered my C1 speech. And now, I feel so honorable that I’m going to deliver my 11th speech in Toastmasters. I also feel so touching and appreciate to see all the forever friends in Toastmaster, who company with me in the amazing 2 years journey. Today, I think it’s the best time to give these ten speech a retrospect; my experience of public speaking.

Two years ago, when I was a freshmen. I had a common question. “I don’t know what to say?" “I don’t have time to prepare a speech? No no, it’s not difficult as you think. So, how did I finish my 10 speeches. Let’s look…

(Below of this speech is impromptu, thank you.)



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