Danny Chen, My First Experience of Skin Diving, C1

Danny Chen, My First Experience of Skin Diving, C1

Hello, everyone. I’m Danny. Today, I want to share with you my first experience of skin diving. My friends and I went to Okinawa, as our graduation trip in this summer vacation. Before the trip, we found a very famous diving hot spot there. And we decided to add this activity to our itinerary, even though NONE of us has the skin diving experience and NONE of us can speak Japanese well.

The trip was great. On the third day, we went to the meeting point for skin diving. Luckily, there were many Taiwanese instructors, so we could speak in Chinese and learned how to play skin diving in the sea safely. Later, we wore up the wetsuit(防寒衣), took our equipment and got on the boat. It was my first time to do skin diving, and I thought it’s not different from swimming in the pool, just as what I do every week in the school gym. I thought I would have easy time to appreciate the beautiful view. When the boat had arrived the destination, we set our masks and shoes, and then “Pu Down” entered the water.

However, it was really different from what I imagined. It was hard for me to keep myself balance because of the flippers(蛙鞋), and I had to breathe by my mouth through the snorkel(呼吸管), not just like I only need to hold my breath in the swimming pool, It was not comfortable at all.

After we entered water, I was a little nervous initially, so it took me some time to adapt to the surroundings. There were so many people at the diving hotspot. Our instructor took us to the most famous site, the blue cave. There were only two blue caves in the world, one was in Italy and another was in Okinawa. The blue cave was famous for its beautiful blue light shining in the sea. After we entered the cave, I saw many people there. We stayed in line and took photos. However, the sun was not big enough that we couldn’t see the shining blue light very well.

After that, we swam out, and the instructor gave us some feed for fish. I shred the feed and spray it out. When I buried my head into water, there were so many colorful fish swam to me and ate the feed. The scene was so cute and amazing! I can just almost touch the fish in front of me.Furthermore, the water was so blue and clean that I could saw everything under the sea. The submarine world was very bustling! I saw amount of beautiful coral reef, and many kinds of cheerful fishes were swimming in front of my sight.And many clown fishes were playing around sea anemones. It’s a sea paradise. Besides, I could saw some scuba diver climbing on the rock, just under my site.

Finally, our instructor told us to form a circle, and he swam to the deeper sea to take a group photo for us. And then, we got on the boat, take off equipment and went back to land. Even though I was a little nervous during the whole process, but it’s really a special and interesting experience for me. And maybe I will get easier when trying skin diving next time. TME




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