Ting-Hang Lee, My First Time to Write a Play, C1

Ting-Hang Lee, My First Time to Write a Play, C1

Good Evening. My name is Ting Hang Lee. I’m going to share my story, my first time trying to write a play.

Talking about creating stories, I think I am quite an experienced story maker. I started to write my first novel when I was just a junior high school student. After years of writing, I can say I’m good at creating complete storyline and lively characters.

So, since structures of novels and scripts differ a lot, you may wonder why a novelist like me tried to write a play. Well, it’s all about my department, the Department of Accounting. Since I’m a freshman, I would have a great orientation camp, so called 迎新宿營, prepared by seniors. Because of the tradition in my department, all freshmen have to be separated into several groups and prepare a play. Of course, a play will never be excellent without a playwright. At that time, I thought my experiences of writing novels made me an ideal candidate, and it would be a breakthrough for me to create an original script. So I volunteered to be the playwright, but things didn’t go smoothly as I expected.


I faced some challenges. First, since my teammates and I didn’t have the technique to make special effects, some scenarios became unrealistic. Second, my main storyline was too complicated. Perhaps my story would be more understandable if it had been presented as a one-hundred-thousand-word novel, but in the limited time, my script would not make a good play. Third, the sentences of characters’ lines were not spoken language. My script made actors and actresses hard to express the strength and emotion in my play. And that made the whole play quite weird.


As a result, I revised the script, made the storyline much simpler and rewrote the characters’ lines. During the boring and time-consuming process, I felt frustrated. I asked myself, “am I suitable to the position? Did I overestimate my ability? Am I too confident to consider myself a good playwright?” I didn’t show my disappointment in front of my teammates. I just waited for the orientation camp and prayed for that the play would be successful.

However, to my surprise, the performance was great. It was much better than what I had expected. Also, I heard some positive comments from the audience. I felt my hard work pay off finally. And I started to consider, “If the core spirit doesn’t change, does it really matter to revise some tiny details? If my story could touch people’s heart, does it really matter that the story is written in novel or play?” Since my story could make people touched, there was no need to feel frustrated due to some revisions. The way to present the story doesn’t matter. What important is to make the audience fully understand what I want to say behind the story. That’s what I’ve learned from my once disappointing, but now being a precious experience. Try to write a play. Toastmasters of the Evening.




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