Charlotte Gu, The History of Learning English, C1

Charlotte Gu, The History of Learning English, C1

I’ve often heard that beyond sweating perspiration, one can’t success without some great helpers on their stumbling path. And today, as I have the opportunity to deliver this speech, I would like to contribute this to my two best mentors on my English learning road: One is my beloved daddy and the other is my ex-boyfriend, Poe Yen.

Aged 6, the world of English was an utterly new field to me when I first stepped into Kung-Kiao elementary school, which was renowned for its English teaching. Ironically, not recognizing any alphabet, I was tragically classified to the ESL class, which everyone thought to be English super low class. Teachers were like someone coming from other planets, and all I could do was sitting there, secretly observe the classmates, and play my fingers. However, light was lit as my daddy intervened. He accompanied me reading those short fictions word by word, explaining the vocabulary and grammar tips. I could still recall how astonishing it was, after a year of daddy’s company. My name started to move from the bottom of the report cards all the way to the top, and right after every semester was my class changed to the upper level. After one year of company and four years of hardworking successfully brought me to my junior high school with a relatively better level.

I’ve always believed that being the best in our high school class is an absolute result. However, until the freshman year in senior high, the notion completely broke down. I failed on many of my English exams. Compared with my ex-boyfriend’s score, my grades were miserable. He, being the third best in our class, was stunned to find my grammar so poor, so he started to teach me some difficult grammars. Since then, we had learned grammar together, read fictions together, and watched movie series all together. If everyone learned a language like this, wouldn’t you improve a lot? I could say it was definitely correct, for I never failed again, bring the top ten in class, and grew more intrigued to the art of English.

Without them, I won’t improve so much. Without them, I won’t find the magnificent aspect of English. Without them, I won’t realize how far I should keep going. Others might regard one self’s own progresses as the only key to success, but those who give their hands to us are actually the greatest elements irreplaceable in our perfection.


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