Here comes the Professional Cup of the semester!

18:30 sharp, the room is already full of members and guests. They are all eager to know what kind of professional speeches there are tonight.

  • First, let’s introduce our TMEs of the day: Victor and Peggy! They are so creative that they even arrange games for the audiences to have fun before each speech.


  • Tonight we also invite three members from our club to be the judges. They are Claire, Joey, and Ivan. Since it is a professional meeting, they all wear the clothes that best represent the field they are studying in.

  • Our Helpers of tonight:

Timer: Charlotte Gu

Vote Counter: Maggie Lin

  • Variety Session: Master Kevin Tseng designs a game for the members to discuss.

  • The audiences gather in groups and discuss over the subject of “Speaking”.

{Speech Time}

  • 1st Speaker: Peggy Tsai

C3 Speech “What is Law?”

Peggy studies in the department of Law. Today she shares with us the spirits of law. What makes her decide to study Law? “I want to protect the value that is very precious to me, accurately for us, like human right and so on.”She want us to understand what “law” really means and discuss over whether “law” is necessary or not.

*Sneak Peek* 

 “However, was that really the law? Could the king use the law to punish anyone when he thought he or she did the wrong things?… So, people start to think again why do we need the law ? And why could the sovereign make the laws?”


  • 2nd Speaker: Howard Hwai

C7 Speech “The Truth about Profession”

“Who am I? I am Hwai P.” What is the truth of profession? Today we all learn a lesson from Dr. Hwai. We learn about the CDE and other facts about profession. It will definitely change your thinking towards what profession is.  Want to know what the truth really is? Watch the video below and you will find out!

*Sneak Peek*

“But wait, Hwai P, you mean that you are lying to us? Yes. What you’ve said are wrong? Yes.”


  • 3rd Speaker: Sophia Wu

C5 Speech “Design Thinking"

Sophia is experienced in the Club of Design Thinking before. Today she leads us to the world of Design Thinking. What is “Design Thinking”?  Is it about Design? Is it about Thinking? Or both? Let’s enjoy her speech.

*Sneak Peek*

“So by knowing these features about children, a team decided to redesign the…instead of the machine itself.”


  • 4th Speaker: Yu-Tien Huang

C3 Speech “Either Run, or Stand Still"

Yu-Tien has broken her life records of running. She has pursued running for 690 kilometers this year. What an amazing achievement! Today, she’s here to share her running experience with us and to give us some advice on the sport.

*Sneak Peek*

“Some of you might think I’m going to praise how good jogging is to our health both physically and psychologically. However, I have to tell you that I hate jogging."


  • 5th Speaker: Bess Chen

C8 Speech “Safe or Out?”

As you might not know, Bess is a member of NTU Softball Team. And she was the vice umpire (lineman) of last year’s NTU Softball Freshmen Cup. Today she is going to show us what you need to become an umpire.

*Sneak Peek*

“In my opinion, the umpires are like our contest judges. Why Ivan, Claire, Joey sit here? What are their duties? They use their profession to tell everyone that this is a fair contest, so are the umpires."


  • 6th Speaker: Jason Lee

C10 “The Social Inclusion Survey for Migrant Domestics”

In the speech, Jason reminds us the aging problem in Taiwan and the phenomenon of the migrant domestics working in Taiwan. It is also a research project he is working on and he hopes we can care more about this social issue.

*Sneak Peek*

“Our daily life need to be revised and improved. We need a healthy and optimistic life, and lead a best balance of work and leisure. …”


{Language Evaluation}     

Today’s Language Evaluator is Jimmy Guo. He helps the speakers and also the audience to know some English grammar mistakes or use of words in the speeches and the variety session. “I try to be very picky.” It shows how much he wants to help us improve our English.

{General Evaluation}

        The General Evaluator we invited today is Edward Chen. He is a well-experienced Toastmaster and he gives us much good advice. One of the humorous but helpful suggestion he gives is “You can tell a joke when there’s a technical problem. You can say “It’s a joke session now!”” How creative it is!


{Award Time}

The best variety speaker: Jason Lee

The 1st best speaker: Howard Hwai

The 2nd best speaker: Sophia Wu

The 3rd best speaker: Bess Chen

{Words from our Club Leader}

Richard says: “How to communicate with other people from different backgrounds and professions and how to transform the complicated into easily understanding is important.”

{Meeting Adjourned}

Wow, what a professional night it is. In just one night we have learned the secrets from different professionals in different fields. Remember not to miss the next Professional Cup!




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