Howard Hwai, The Truth About Profession, C7

Howard Hwai, The Truth About Profession, C7

Good evening everyone, I am not Howard Hwai. Who am I? I am Hwai P.

You must have the experience of feeling so tired and sleepy. Even though you have slept for so long, now I will teach you a useful tip to overcome this situation. This is based on Physics and Medicine. A new study of the combination of Physics wave interference and medicine pulse wave theory.

Here comes the physics part, when two waves traveling and met each other. The waves will combine. If the waves are up-up, they will become a higher wave. If the waves are up -down, they will cancel out each other. There are two special situations; when the waves always match well, it is called constructive interference. When the waves always cancel, it is called destructive interference. So easy, right?

For the medical part, we all know that when the heart beats, the blood stream travels along the vessels. When the blood hit the wall of the vessel, it will create waves also. Look at this graph. The wave at point A is a line. The wave at point B is a dashed line. To receive more information, the scientists differentiate(微分),the pressure wave. And found something interesting. The peak of the wave seems have something in common.

To be more clear, the blood flow is like a train riding. The rail is like the blood vessel. When the train rides on the rail, it will create sounds. Just like the pulse wave in the blood vessel. So the conclusion is, adding all the waves together, finally, they will create a beautiful wave of the body.

More interestingly, scientists have found the nature has a wave, too. The wave of you and the nature combines when you are alive. If your wave matches well with the nature, you will feel energetic. If your wave cancels out the nature, you will feel tiring.

So the useful tip is. When you walk backward, human wave resonance with the nature wave, then you feel energetic. When we walk forward, human wave were canceled out by the nature wave, then you feel tired. How could that happen? It is just a little shift of the wave phase(相位), that makes you whole body different.

Now, everyone. Do you believe with me now?

But I have a bad news for you. In fact, there is no natural wave, no human wave, needless to say about the combination. If you want to feel energetic, please sleep more. Don’t walk backward on the street. You will look like an idiot.

But wait, Hwai P, you mean that you are lying to us? Yes. What you’ve said are wrong? Yes.

The truth about profession is that “Profession lies.”

You must have seen this before, articles like “the fact you must know about cancer.” Or you’ve heard of the 12345 five-times diamond, break the chain, 美江. Or more ridiculous, if KMT loses the Taipei, the internt in Taipei will only have 56K to use. ”

But not everything is so unbelievable like that. From doubt, to being amazed, to bow to it, false belief can occupy your mind silently, especially when you are anxious or helpless. No matter you are smart or not. They are so well wrapped that you won’t even know. They have the coat of science, but they are fake. Sometimes, the curtain will cover your eye and deceive your judgement.

To look through the curtain in front of your eye, remember, CDE. critical thinking , doubt and knowledge. The E of Knowledge is at the last letter.

C, critical thinking is an attitude that if you want to persuade me, please gives me scientific proof. Did I gave you? Yes. So many crazy graphs and pictures, it sounds quite reasonable.

D, doubt. Doubt means not to believe. Did I provide true in formation? Yes, I used vivid analogy that makes you feel “Oh yes! I got the point!” The train and rail, the river flow and the boat. I create a trap that although everything is right, but it just doesn’t make sense.

Finally, E, knowledge. Recall your high school physics and math, and you will find the answer. Where does the nature wave come from? Is it possible that the wave is so simple? Walking forward and backward? What the hell is that? Then you break the lie. Hwai P is lying to us on the stage. He is a god stick. CDE, are the most powerful weapon to tear the mask of false believe.

Next time, when everyone says so, when the authority says so, or when someone claims to have unknown power that cure every problem of you. Just remember, “Profession lies, but knowledge is the ruler.” TME


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