Steven Liu, Follow The Money, C4

Steven Liu, Follow The Money, C4

Follow the money. Money is so important in our life, right?

I believe reading these balance sheets and statistics can help us get closer to the realities. Today, I am going to show you some examples.

I believe everyone here have heard about Mr. Zhao Teng Xiong, the head of Farglory, one of the biggest building company in Taiwan. Without he is charged for bribing officers, we often see him on the TV and bought ads on media against real-estate speculation policy from government or central bank. He always said that the house price in Taiwan is cheap and the policy will only ruined the economics. But it’s that real? When running a company, we often need to loans from the banks or public, and one of the way is using corporate bonds-secured. Company offer the rights of their assets to loan money from bank. But when the assets impairments, which the price of assets decrease, company have to offer more asset to the bank, which will highly increase their financial leverage. That’s why Mr. Zhao don’t want the real-estate policy, Farglory offer land and house for loans, if price of house going down, his company will lose its liability and have more risk on their operation.


FTA, free trade agreement, the hottest economic issue now. The government warns people that we have to sign FUMOU(服貿) or Huo-Mou immediately. Otherwise, there will be a disaster on our export. (BTW, they were also blaming DPP and Sunflower movements for interrupt FUMOU). But it’s more than export and import issue, in my opinion, when we look the financial account in Central Bank, our money had outflow nearly 4 trillion since last 2010, which means our money was going to other country to invest, not stay in Taiwan. Without investments, our industry will lost their competitive, and our working opportunity, which directly affect our export. Because our country have better competitive with our investments. I think the most important thing is not having FTA or not, through it’s one of the way showed we are an independent country. The most important issue is what we can do, to keep those money stay in Taiwan to invest ourselves.

Let’s watch the website I just found out today: Governor and CEO economy strategy producer.

So my first conclusion is: FTA and ECFA isn’t the cure for economy, it sometimes even poisonous. Increase the competitive through the industry is the cure, not using FTA or ECFA to cut the cost. Second, Next time when your government and your boss try to fool you, try to follow the money, you can find they are bluffing or not. TME.


Evaluated by Minnie Lin



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