2014/10/31 Regular Meeting

這是一場irregular的regular meeting!                 (整學期唯一一次!!!)

今天的TME是由兩位一年未見的朋友Yu Tien Huang & Kevin Tseng擔任,

Yu Tien Huang 正盼望著真命天子的出現,而這時 Kevin Tseng恰巧出現…

這次的3helpers 是由

Jane Teng擔任timer

Hanna Lo擔任Ah Counter


Terry Yan擔任Vote Counter


Jason 今天帶來的Variety Session也非常abnormal!



今天,究竟哪個品牌能獲得大家的青睞呢?(= ̄ω ̄=)


接下來,就是重頭戲~~prepare speech 囉!!

第一位是由Anthony Hsieh上場,讓我們領略韓風的強大

Anthony Hsieh, K Pops up in My Life, C1

K pop 就這樣 pop in 我的生命中ლ(゚д゚ლ)


第二個,是由Miner 熱情的向大家說Hi

Miner Lin, Just Say Hi!, C1



想不想知道Charlie 是誰呢?那就不可以錯過他的”Who am I”

Charlie O, Who am I?, C1

the cost of chasing your dream is to be brave to fall down directly-Charile

Francis 今天帶來他的C2 Speech Good Time”

Francis Yao C2 – Good Time 


 Ivan Sit, A Glimpse at Loneliness, C5

We focus too much on our lives and say no one cares to come in; we close our eyes and say there is no one with us,but there are, when we open our eyes.

剛在Area Contest 以Why Am I Not Single 笑傲全場的Eric,這次一改幽默風格,以Why am I here 展現他感性的一面

Eric Lai-Jen Chang, Why am I here?, C6

When I wasn’t a freshman anymore, I found a place to stay, to grow, to enjoy, to be touched by so many people!


今天的Table topic是由Pei-Fang Hsieh擔任,

Life is unpredictable.

接下來,就是Individual Evaluation Session 囉!

Richard 擔任 Anthony Hsieh的IE

Steven Liu IE MinerJust Say Hi

Charlie是由咱們煞氣 a Emma來講評

Daniel IE Francis YaoGood Time 

今天的Language Evaluation是由Roger LO擔任,

General Evaluator是由Joanne Chen擔任

到了最緊張的時刻囉!!Today’s awards go to …..

Variety session:MVP team

Prepared Speech:Miner

Table Topic:Maggie


這學期唯一一次regulare meeting 圓滿結束,我們下周見囉





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