Miner Lin, Just Say Hi!, C1

Miner Lin, Just Say Hi!, C1

Good evening, everyone, I am Miner Lin , and I major in Accounting now. I am not miner , I don’t know how to mine gold, but love to mine new friend.

As my personality, I love making friends and chatting a lot ,so hope all of you here can become my friends.

Now, I want to ask you one question.

Have you ever counted how many friends you have ? Please raise your hand and tell me a number.
No, I think it’s difficult to know the exact number of friends in our lives, right?
I can give one suggestion that one day if you feel sleepless, you can count your friends instead of counting sheep, you would have a good night.
As for me, I have accumulated more than 1000 friends on the Facebook, and more than 100 friends’s cell phone numbers and around 50 friends abroad so far, and some others who are not in the list above but are still important in my life.
Well goes a saying that “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.”
So you must agree that all of us need friends.
For me, no matter when I feel lonely, distressed or don’t know whom to share my happiness, friends can always stand by my side and help me get through the difficulty.
So I believe friends can always warm my heart, when the weather gets colder and colder we need friends to face the freezing winter. Just like these days, the weather is getting colder and colder, winter is around the corner so we really need friends to warm us. When talking about making friends, I think it’s more important to maintain the relationship with both new or old friends. Although I already have so many friends around me, I still continue to make new friends everyday and keep the old. Because one is silver, the other is gold.

However, making friends was very difficult for me, it really annoyed me a lot in the past.
Because I feared approaching crowds,hated changes, afraid of eye-contact, and unwilling ro share feelings with others, I just had few friends before. I envied those classmates who are extrovert and can always be the centor of the circle. As you can imagine, it resulted in a lot of bad experience for me.
I can hardly cooperate with my group members. So, I always need more time to complete my work; even though, I have helpers.
In order to solve those annoying problems, I convinced myself to imitate English texbook first lesson teaches, it was not difficult at all, just showed passion to the person beside me.
First step is say Hi.
These simple behavior really change me a lot and gradually stepped out of my fear by changing little by little. Then, I can make lots of friends as other classmates did.
And at the end, I became the class leader and made a lot of good friends.
However, all I want to express is that even in this generation, we have Facebook and line these kinds of online social software to connect people, but most important of all, we need to overcome our fear first, and be brave to step out of comfort zone, and even adapt changes to make friends.
Though the process is painful, but as time passed, we would be surprised that how much potential we can achieve it.

Evaluated by Steven Liu

(The first evaluator in this film is Richard; the second is Steven.)




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