Eric Lai-Jen Chang, Why am I here?, C6

Eric Lai-Jen Chang, Why am I here?, C6

First, I want to ask everyone a question, “Why are you here?” Ok, it’s difficult to answer, right? Just like how I wrote the script.

When I was a freshman, I heard there was a place for me to improve my English skills. I felt curious and went for a visit, (pause) NTU Toastmasters. That day, I enjoyed the demo meeting. Especially Jason delivered his speech about the outing in winter vacation! It’s full of joyfulness and laughter. After listening to his speech, I found that it’s a wonderful trip. I knew as I joined the club, I would meet many new friends and have a good time here. Then, I joined this club, started my expedition in NTUTM.

In the semester, I had experienced a variety of meetings, and the outings! It’s really awesome! We went mountain climbing, having the delicious snacks together, and played funny games. I recommend that you should attend the outings in this semester! That’ll be the best choice you will never regret.

At the end of the semester, I knew it is not the end. The most unforgettable and memorable activity in the summer is that, Toast Camp. (Emma was thinner then.)
It was my first time to lead a team with senior high students. When we were in the preparing period, I was so excited and nervous because we were preparing lots of wonderful activities to spend 4 days and 3 nights with them.

Truly, we really had a good time. They’re group leader teams. Girls are pretty and boys are charming. We’ll have strong officers to hold the camp going smoothly. We offer lots of delicious food.

Also, many excellent NTUTM members gave many high-quality course, speeches, and performance. I think we had completed lots of tasks together and we all cherished all the moments.

Besides, what is important is the evening of entertainment on third day night. All the members spent lots of time on this performance. What I felt the most memorable, is the moment we stood on the stage, bringing happiness to them, and made them laugh. What I felt moved is that every member did his or her best. What I felt touched is the moment, the people, the atmosphere we’re immersed it. If someone asked me what does toast camp mean for you, I would say it is the touched sound in your heart when you heard it.

So, why am I here? Timer hasn’t raised the red board? No. Of course not!

When I wasn’t a freshman anymore, I found a place to stay, to grow, to enjoy, to be touched by so many people! So, I became EVP deputy, PRVP, and MVP deputy now.
I like those days when I was EVP deputy, I had to invite so many members to take the position. It’s a really challenging work! Is it right? Jerry?
I like those days when I was PRVP. My team deputies are so strong and excellent, they always carried me. Then Richard was EVP, Jessica was MVP, and Emma was the president. We’re fighting together. We’re not alone. We grow up as time ticks by, but we only learn to cherish at the end as time goes by.
I am happy I’m MVP deputy now. I can challenge many tasks I haven’t met before. Trust me. MVP team will impress you this semester.
It’s a long way to the final destination, yet, it is a short way to recollect the every moment.

If you were touched or crazy about something, just go ahead. If you have many choices, don’t hesitate, just follow your heart and choose what you love most.
I have been hesitated, but I didn’t regret to choose it. I believe I should waste my time on what I want. I believe the tears and memories are the treasure which will remind me of the past, the choice, and the reason, “why am I here?”

And what’s your answer? Why are you here? Toastmasters of the evening.


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