Charlie O, Who am I?, C1

Charlie O, Who am I?, C1

Hello everyone. Before starting my speech ,Let me show you two pictures. Someone told me that there is a secret behind these two pictures. What is it? The answer is all their name is Charlie. My name is Charlie. I am a senior student in National Taiwan Ocean University.
Maybe you will ask me. “ Where is it ?” “Is there a school called that in Taiwan” “Why is that school imitating a name of NTU?” That is ok. Today I will show you the fascinating treasure that can solve these questions- the sea. Have you ever been award of the sound of the sea?

How do you feel when you are looking in front of the ocean? For me , when I feel frustrated or mad and wanted to talk to myself alone, I would go to there . Its sound was peaceful, could make me calm . Whenever the wind blew to my face, it make me full of energy (except for winter). It let me think of who I am and how to find my dream. Hence I tried to find the answer of these two questions. I loved to play badminton so I joined a badminton team in school. It made me healthy and, most importantly I didn’t gain weight although eating late night snack everyday ; I like to learn anything I don’t know even though it is in different aspect. For example ,at first, I attended an institute called 永齡希望小學to teach 5-7 students in an elementary in Keelung. They suffered from bad performance at their schoolwork or may not having enough money to study in school.

Even worst they might be born in a family without parents raised by grandfather and grandmother . Everyday after school they came to the class. I checked their homework and started to teach them not only schoolwork but also their behaviors and attitude. However, what they have taught me more was that they let me know that I wanted to do something that can change the society in the future. Second , I took part in an NGO called 中華知識生產力協會. I took a lecture every week and learn experiences from all lecturers. They taught me not merely how to find yourself and start to think your future but told me all walks of life , such as jewelry service , social enterprise , real estate ,and so on. After taking part in them , I gradually know who I am and try to think what I want and make my dream big .

However, “how to overcome obstacles in my life and achieve my goal?” that question flash through my mind. Fortunately, after seeing this photo, I get the key to make it through.
This is a photo that describes Wrights brother rode their airplane in the sky. Does anyone know what is special in the photo? The photo tells us “the cost of chasing your dream is to be brave to fall down directly.”

Evaluated by Emma Sie



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