Anthony Hsieh, K Pops up in My Life, C1

Anthony Hsieh, K Pops up in My Life, C1

Hi every one, I’m Anthony. Before my sharing, I would like to ask you to recognize some photos.

(super junior big bang girls generation psy)

According to the positive and enthusiastic responses, I know a lot of you love Kpop. As for me, there’s a long, touching, silly, and hilarious story to share.

The first time I heard of kpop was in my junior high school days. There’s a very hit song from Super Junior called ”sorry, sorry”. I can still remember the scene that lots of my classmates no matter boys or girls kept dancing sorry sorry sorry sorry 那根那根那根芭蕉~
I thought the song was strange at that time. Cause in my inference, it is useless to ask for forgiveness if you only say sorry and wash your hands many times. Therefore, as a Chinese pop song lover, I know these kinds of immature, blank entertainment will never change my immortal faith toward my lord Jay Chou and Her Mejesty Jolin Tsai. So the first experience didn’t influence me at all except a little bit looking down upon kpop.

The saddest second encounter happened in my freshman year in high school. My class had to come up with a song to dance in the 9th anniversary parade. We argued the most suitable song for a long time and finally agreed to take a ballot on it. To win the election, I kept begging my friends to support my proposal –Jay Chou’s 牛仔很忙. But when the class leader declare the winning song, my heart suddenly broken, felt betrayed and ashamed. The winning song is “nobody” from wonder girls. “what the hell are you doing? You guys choose a kpop song?” I couldn’t repress my anger and keep blaming my friend! But what’s the worst was that our homeroom teacher forced me to dance the choreography in the center in front of everyone as a punishment of loudly blaming my friend during the class. it really piss me off. Especially I couldn’t stop thinking about the melody of thechorus part ”nobody nobody nobody but you~~~~” even the song was laughing at me!

Ok, calm down.

After three years, I became a freshman in NTU, and the “nobody” nightmare was almost nowhere in my mind. But, something unbelievable happened again. When I entered my new dorm room, I saw one of my new roommates watching girls generation’s MV. From then on, I can hear all kinds of kpop song from his alarm clock to phone rings. Even though I cover my ears, I can still absorb the newest kpop information from his everywhere posters. All in all, I am surrounded by kpop. It’s fine for me to resist kpop devils. But my roommate finally brought the devil to me. One day, he happily invited me to watch a kpop MV with him. I didn’t know what should I do, my heart told me to reject the devil, while my mind told me never mess up the relationship with your new roommate. After 3 second, my mind successfully conquered my heart. So I click my first kpop MV. When he played the MV, the first thing flashed into my eyes was “wow, they are so handsome”. Especially one of the member called G-Dragon. I couldn’t believe that a man can look like this. Look at his prominent nose, magic eyes, bushy eyebrows, and sexy figure. I can almost accept to have a date with him. But, the truth is, if he really ask me, I would say no. I’m straight for sure. On top of that good looking, they can dance very, in contrast, few Taiwanese singers can dance, and I think it’s the reason why their live shows are usually more brilliant than ours. Because of the charming G-Dragon, I clicked replay, and this time another thing attracted me. It’s their music. Instead of beautiful melody, the song is presented in a strong tempo way with electronic ingredients. I used to hate noisy music, but, noisy music from handsome, guys, it’s totally acceptable. So after the second play, felt energetic and unstoppable, I decided to click replay again. This time I found out that they are so considerate and internationalized cause they sing every chorus part in English rather than Korean. This arrangement makes me, a Taiwanese ,feel close to it. All the resent toward South Korea result from baseball suddenly disappeared.

Finally, I can still remember that night I played 8 times in a row on fantastic baby, and since then, I have become one of a professional kpop fans, spending at least 2 hours a day repeating those brainwashing songs and imagine I would become one of the star one day. I don’t know how long my passion for kpop will proceed in my life, but I can bet that I will keep supporting it until my idol G-Dragon’s suspicious plastic face collapse into an unnatural and weird shape.


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