Wendy Lee, Go Out Right Now, C1

Wendy Lee, Go Out Right Now, C1

Hello, everyone
My topic today is Go out, right now

Before I start to talk about my story.

I wonder, how many of you have ever travlled abroad by yourself, I mean, take a plane to another country, not with your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your parents, just by yourself, please raise your hand.

Well, quite a few. Well, not so many.

Perhaps some of you who didn’t raise your hand feel that it is not so easy to go abroad alone; going out is totally a big deal.

You may ever imagine which country is “appropriate” for you to go? Is India a good choice? Should I go to Africa?(but I will say that it is not a good time to go because of Ebola) Or maybe the small country in the south Europe called Malta, but what if I can’t speak Maltese?

I want to say: What you’re worrying about is totally nothing.
You don’t even need to prepare a lot, plan for a long long time.
What you need is: Courage

Then you can go out!

Me, myself, I went to Hungary last summer as an international volunteer. You may not believe I just made sure I would go there two weeks ago before I took the plane.
it was sooo crazy. This was just the second time I went abroad. The first time was when I was maybe 5 years old, to Japan, I think it didn’t even count. I know it’s crazy, but worth it. At that time, I just wanted to do something crazy enough to break out of my comfort zone. Then I made that decision.

I took the plane to Vienna alone, then I took a train to Budapest in Hungary, and then transferred to a place called Miskolc in the very east of Hungary. You know what? When I arrived in Vienna, I totally felt that what I am doing right now? I am alone in strange place. Actually it’s still ok in Vienna that I could find some English words.But after I took a train to Budapest, all Hungarian signs made me lost. I figured it out for a long time to make sure which train I should take to the eastern town in Hungary. That was indeed an adventure.

Eventually, I arrived. The person in charge took me to the guesthouse there. Then I met my partners who were going to work with me as volunteers there. One from Greece, one from Malta, and one from Singapore. Four of us just became friends soon. We took in charge of the summer camp there to introduce our countries, culture to the kids in Hungary. For example, to write Chinese characters with calligraphy for them.

And we also asked them to introduce Hungary for us. Those kids took us to travel in their town, helping us to learn local culture, have some Hungarian BBQ. What I got most was not those beautiful scenes. I made friends with local Hungarian people and kids.

Most important of all, I got 3 best friends from the world. I learned how to communicate with people from different countries, and discovered connection between the world and I through travelling. I will say that this was not just a journey, but also a challenge to face myself. When you are traveling, you will spend lots of time on knowing a different culture, different people, and on dealing with yourself. You will learn more about yourself. So please don’t hesitate, just go out right now when you are still young.




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