Victor Hsin, What I learned from frustration, C1

Victor Hsin, What I learned from frustration, C1

Good evening, everyone. I’m Victor, a second-year graduate student of applied mechanics in NTU.
First, I’m quite talkative, and when I am with my friends, I’m patient and a good listener too. So when you have worries and don’t know whom to talk to, please know that I’m ready to listen.
Second, I would like to tell you one of my own stories that profoundly changed my life. When I was a child, I was really outgoing, naïve, friendly and pretty straightforward. When I was in the junior high school, at the beginning, I made a lot of friends in my class. But after a few months, because I always liked to answer questions in class, some of my classmates thought I was arrogant and called me Mr. know-it-all behind my back.

Furthermore, they told all my friends to pick a side and, finally, even my good friends chose to alienate me. As a result, I was isolated in class. I felt really depressed, being betrayed by my friends. I thought ‘’if some of my behavior are improper or annoying, as a friend, at least, you should tell me first and give me a chance to correct it.’’ But they didn’t. Actually, besides sadness, my mind was occupied by anger and hatred. Every day, as I went to school, no one wanted to talk with me. It was really a hard time for me. At that time, I just wanted to transfer to another school. However, when I told my class teacher about this, she said ”if you transfer to another school, you’re just evading the problems.’’ At that moment, I suddenly realized that I must face the problems otherwise I won’t grow up. Therefore, I started to examine my own behavior. Then, I found that sometimes what I said or did might let others misunderstand me, even though I didn’t mean it. As a result, I started to think twice before I spoke or acted, and considered more about other’s feeling and tried to put myself in other’s shoes. As the time went by, my classmates started to be friends with me again, even the person who organized the isolation treated me more and more friendly.
Now, thanks for those who isolated me at that time. I have grown and learned a lot and become more considerate, friendly, and patient. Also, I am much stronger and willing to face problems and challenges now. It is the frustration that makes who I am today. And I always believe only in the darkness, you can see the guiding star which leads you to become who you are. Thank you very much.


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