Melody Chang, What’s my name?, C1

Melody Chang, What’s my name?, C1

What’s my name? Melody? Maybe yes, but today I want to talk about my Chinese name. I give you a very big hint. My name had been the most popular name for eleven years in college entrance exams, and each and every one of you must know someone whose name is exactly the same as mine. Maybe some of you had gambled on my name at PTT Joke board. What’s my name? I believe everyone must get the answer. Yes, I am 張雅婷. Is there any 雅婷 here? Please raise your hand.

I didn’t felt my name was so popular until I was in the fourth grade in the elementary school. One day I saw a very beautiful picture on the bulletin board and the author’s name is張雅婷. Did I draw this beautiful picture? Of course not! But I still felt honorable about the girl whose name was the same as mine was talented. After that, I was always curious did any other 張雅婷 also study in the same school? Therefore the first thing when I attended orientations was to search for張雅婷’s” on the admission list . Have I ever failed in finding them? Nope. 雅婷’s are never alone.

Have I ever met classmates named 雅婷? Actually, one of classmates in senior high was named 莊雅婷. As you all know, 張and莊, the pronunciation of these two surname is also very close. When classmates said: Hey 雅婷 or 張雅婷, both of us would turn around and ask “Are you calling me?” In order to distinguish us, I was called “big 雅婷” and she was called “small 雅婷”. This wasn’t because of our weight, this was according to the order of our birth. Besides, the chinese pronunciation of 莊 and disguise is the same as 裝, other classmates also made joke by saying “莊雅婷, stop disguising yourself as 雅婷 anymore. You are the fake one. ”

The third story happened in my college life. When the professor called 張雅婷, I raised my hand. After two minutes, he called 張雅婷 again. Maybe he didn’t see me, so I raised my hands again and said “I’m here”. Then the professor said: “Well, there are two 張雅婷 in this class. You’d better not cut the class because your chance to get called on is twice than others.”

I asked my mom why she gave me such plain name instead of 皮卡丘、喬巴 these kinds of special names? She was a junior high teacher and said: “I didn’t know any student named 雅婷 before your birth. I like “雅” this word means elegance. “婷” this word means stop, it’s enough for our family to raise two children. We can’t afford to have another child.” I was disillusioned, because I had thought “婷” means “亭亭玉立” a beautiful girl. Anyway, that’s why my name came from and my mom insisted it came from her creation instead of copying others.

After so many years, do I love my name? Yes, because everyone knows 雅婷, it would be much easier for me to make new friends. The only shortcoming with the name is it is too hard to search for me when adding new friends on Facebook.

I want to ask you the last question, what’s my name? If you still can’t remember it or just came back from the toilet, you can turn on TV to watch 中天news channel. My name is on it from Monday to Friday!



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