Jane Teng, Growing Up with Dreams, C1

Jane Teng, Growing Up with Dreams, C1

When I was young, I was quite a typical sweet tooth. I begged my grandmother to buy all kinds of candies in the grocery store for me. Because of my greediness and the bad habit of not brushing my teeth after enjoying my candy meal, there were cavities on my teeth and I was forced to go to the dentist. I hated the annoying sound created by the dental tools and was afraid of the sour and strange feeling when I was under a treatment. But I was curious about how the tools looked like and how they worked. Therefore, I decided to become a dentist in the future. However, my dental dream changed since once my infant tooth was removed under an anesthetic injection and I was frightened by the needle stabbing into my gum.
Hair dresser was the substitution for dentist. I used to trim my bangs by myself and be careful not to squash my fluffy hair when I was sleeping. Once I passed by a hair salon, I slowed down my pace and looked at what all the hair dressers were doing. In addition, I liked to grab a Barbie in hand and designed new hair styles for her, and I also enjoyed playing with my mom’s long beautiful hair, making her hair into several braids of three strands. It was kind of obscure why I had such passion and curiosity toward “hair.” Although I was fond of the work, I put this dream aside when I realized that I was going to study in a senior high school instead of a vocational school.
During the three years in high school, I took the initiative to search for what I was truly interested in and could also make a living for me. Consequently, I found out that I longed to be an astronaut or a scientist working for NASA because I was a big fan of earth science and I was eager to explore the outer space. I often imagined how the universe looks like. I thought that I would make friends with aliens and maybe get married with it. Besides, I would like to go inside the black hole and conduct a research on it even though I would die inside. I also wanted to take a closer look at the Galaxy, having all the stars shining brightly in front of my eyes. Although I didn’t know whether or not I would experience all these sights in space, there was this strong eagerness I had for my outer space career.
However, dreams are still a fictional conception of future, I eventually had to face the reality. I took up my pen to fight for myself and this time I was fully prepared to face the battlefield. The final major I got was totally different from all my dreams that I had for these eighteen years. It was accounting. I let go of my cosmic adventure because I was definitely poor at physics.
My major, accounting, was absolutely my parents’ idea. And I didn’t have a dream temporarily after I made up my mind to study it. Every time I told others that I major in accounting, they got shock at once, reacting with a sympathetic face indicating that it was such a boring and tough subject, and encouraged me to keep on fighting against the accounting monster. As a result, I started my semester with fear. Out of my expectation, I love accounting, and eventually realized why my parents insisted on telling me to study accounting. It was because of the carefulness and practicality they saw in my personality.

These two characteristics are exactly the typical description of an accountant. So, now I have a dream again-to be an accountant. This is the most practical dream that I ever had, and I am closer and closer to it day by day. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche once said, “Men are great for the dreams they have.” I completely agree with his words. Dream, for me, is a goal in every phase of my life. I wasn’t born with wealth and blessed with a charming face, yet every dream I had made that part of my life colorful. I am mow dare to DREAM BIG, and this time I had an enormous dream that sticks to my real life- becoming an accountant.




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