James Yeh, What I Lost Because of English, C1

James Yeh, What I Lost Because of English, C1

Good evening, everyone! My name is James. Now I’m a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. Today, I would like to share a true story about myself. During my university life, I had participated in lots of start-up and marketing competitions like YEF and ATCC, and I also had some intern experiences in Asus, Samsung, and Microsoft. Take Microsoft as an example: In Microsoft, my position was the Office Ambassador, which was responsible for teaching Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. I had taught lessons for Goldman Sachs, Levis, and other famous companies. And, I think the best additional benefit from being an intern in Microsoft was that I could be familiar with many beautiful girls.They come from NCCU (National Chengchi University),and they are very beautiful. I was very happy to work with them, even although it made my girlfriend very angry (laugh).


These experiences widened my vision and let me see more things in world. They also gave me a glimpse into the society. Knew more about the careers I can choose in the future, rather than being an engineer forever. What’s more, I originally thought these competitions and intern experiences would certainly help me get a fantastic job that all of my friends longed to get.


After one specially unforgettable experience, I finally recognized that I was just like “a frog in the well, knowing nothing of the great ocean.”
It was all about my broken English ability. It was just like a huge wall, restricting me everywhere I went. Now, everyone, please forget all the achievements I just said. I am going to share a most painful experience of myself.


Last summer vacation, I joined the YEF (Young Entrepreneurs of the Future), which I think is the best start-up competition in Taiwan. What I learned from it was more than any other activities I had been to. To briefly introduce it, YEF initially accepts 200 students from universities and colleges among Taiwan. After three stages, taking up about half a year, only 15 students can get the chance to visit the world’s best companies, agencies, and colleges. Last year, this award was to visit the Silicon Valley, including Google, Evernote, and MIT Media Lab, which is the most famous lab for computer science students.

In that time, I had done my best to accomplish all the difficult tasks. I only slept 3 HOURS in the last 3 DAYS, and eventually, I got into the final stage: “English Interview”. This Interview was conducted by letting us watch some international news videos, and then we needed to express our opinions regarding the issues. However, after I finished watching the video, I couldn’t understand what it meant. At that prolonged and terrifying moment, my mind turned blank and I didn’t know how to say a single word since I couldn’t understand anything. Time moved on (tick, tock, tick, tock), everyone had delivered their opinions. And then it was my turn. Unfortunately, the only content I could express was my self- introduction. In conclusion, the interview was a BIG disaster. It was just like the end of the world. There was nothing in the world that could be worse than this.

Even now, every time when I recall this memory, I still think I should tell them I am from the other unknown university rather than NTU. Because it is too embarrassing.And of course, I didn’t get the precious chance to visit my dream place “Silicon Valley”. Not only did I lose the ‘’100,000 NTD’’ sponsored for the trip, but also lost the chance to visit it with my best teammates and friends.


From then on, I couldn’t sleep well for several months because of the terrible experience, and I totally understood the loss because of my bad English ability. Determined not to have the painful experience again anymore, I searched a lot of English learning resources. Finally, I decided to join the best English-learning club in NTU, NTU Toastmasters! And this time, it is not just about getting familiar with beautiful girls in this club (laugh). In the future, I wish to improve my English ability with all the warm-hearted members together, and I hope to NEVER let English become my stumbling block again.
Toastmasters of the Evening.




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