Nick Chiang, Who am I?, C1

Nick Chiang, Who am I?, C1

Hi, do you know who I am? AUDIENCE: Nick. YES. But I would say no three years ago. I am Nick. But I am more than Nick. When I studied in university, I had different nicknames in four years. Every classmate seemed to have their own nicknames, I thought I did have one as well.
In the First year of university .I wanted to let new friends known me quickly, so I picked out an easy one as my nickname, small Ming, came from my Chinese name Ming-Chung Chiang. It’s always showed up in story, easy to remember.

When I was a sophomore, I was ham. Because I started to have a part-time job in Mcdonalds. My duty is making delicious hamburgers. Why not hamburger but Ham? Ham is funny.

The third one was small tomato, came from a social activity which topic is fruit. Why small tomato? Just because there was a tomato tree planted near my dorm.

Those three nicknames don’t have any special meaning but just funny. Therefore I started to ask myself “Small Ming? Ham? Small Tomato? , do you just want to be a funny guy?”


One day I saw a video on youtube, it is about inspiration. The topic is “life without limits” delivered by Nick Vujicic who has no arms, no legs. But that didn’t strike him down, he still keeps positive attitude to face frustrations. Moreover, he turns the lemon into lemonade; he stands on the stage to share his experience of overcoming the obstacle and inspires people who are in despair.


In the whole video, one part inspires me a lot. Every time when others were worried that Nick might not be able to do something, he would always reply ”Why not? ” He said,”Just because I was born with no arms and legs. It doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish great things. I want to live it with energy and enthusiasm…”From that moment, Nick Vujicic’s image and the spirit become my goal. Therefore, I use his name to be my English name. To remind myself always look on the bright side and keep positive. This is why I am Nick. I expect myself to share experiences, to inspire others with speeches.
Ok, now I would like to share my own story about speeches. When I feel depressed, I like to listen to speeches to cheer myself up. I have listened to hundreds of speeches since past years when I stay in Taipei. I always take notes and make my observation of speakers, to learn how to make a presentation. When I complete something, learn a lesson, I would promote myself to my teacher, to have a chance to share my experiences to the junior. But in my first speech, I did not do a great job. Since then, I desire to become a better speaker; I seize every chance being on the stage, to enhance my oral presentation skills, to overcome my stage fright. In addition, I was selected to be a youth ambassador to Africa for a culture exchange. After I came back to Taiwan, back to my high school again, I made a public speech in front of thousands of audiences. This time I did a great job. I am proud to be the Nick I like. This is Nick. TME.



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