Ashely Zheng, Me, Myself and I, C1

Ashely Zheng, Me, Myself and I, C1

I wonder if any of you have the same trouble as mine, feeling uneasy to speak in front the public, adrenalin surging up in every orientation, hands and feet trembling a little bit but in a good skill of disguise? And I know what you guys are wondering now: Then what are you doing here, right on the stage? Well, this is me, the kind of girl who never loses interests to find trouble for herself, and never going to lose any possibility to lean in. YES. Lean in is the phrase I love the most to keep myself heading forward. I am Ashley. And I would like to say it’s nice to be here with all of you right on this moment to let you guys know me better. Here are four traits about me: I am a senior of economics department; I am an open-minded girl, a workaholic , and a music-lover .


As an open-minded person, I love to make friends of all kinds. Nothing is more interesting than seeing how different kinds of people manage their own life. But actually, I was not always so. About three years ago I was still introverted and timid. I didn’t spend much time hanging out with friends. Rather, textbooks were my loyal companions. I spent most of the time trying to be brilliant in every subject, turning down most of the dates with the girls, and even really proud of myself to be so determined to strive for my own future. And there’s more. I didn’t even find out there’s something wrong with my life. In the year when I became a freshman, finally, I really lived like a freshman as if meetings, parties and dates never end. However, as I reached out to more people, I couldn’t help pondering over what a small world I used to live in. But the good news was that, I knew that from that time I would cherish every moment and the people around me to spice up my life. And there’s one thing I can do, that is, opening my mind.


Then what’s more about me? This one doesn’t sound quite appealing, rather, it is more like a symptom. I am kind of a workaholic. I wonder some of you have the same symptoms as mine: feeling guilty when there’s nothing to do, murmuring over how miserable to work like a dog, but still can’t help finding more works to get yourself stressed out, or having the desire to fill up all the spaces on the class schedule, and feeling content to see the credits over 25. Not until the midterm exam comes do I realize the end of the world also comes as followed. The experiences above remind me of something my professor once told me, which was really wise, it went to” Life is complicated, but don’t complicate yourself ” What else can I say? I just never learn the lesson!


The other thing about me is that, I am a music-lover. To be precisely, I doubt if anyone can live without music. I guess we all share the same life experience, such as singing out loud while taking a bath, tuning on a sad song whenever in a bad mood, which turns out to be an efficient cure. Or, switching to a hip-hop song with strong beats while stressing-out in the gym .I listen to music from the 19th century of Chopin to 21st century music of Beyonce, for example, from eastern Chinese Orchestra to western Symphony Orchestra which always give me more strength to keep on going whenever I am tired or distressed. Even when simply playing some random notes with piano, or fiddling(撥弄)some strings of guitar can make me feel relaxed and soothed. And I often stay in the piano room right on the 4 floor in the student activity center where I sing and my friend accompany me, and I love the moment when both of us share the pure happiness of enjoying the music.


And now what kind of person do you think I am? Brave? Outgoing? Or else? Now you’ve known me better since you are right here being one of the member of NTU Toastmasters. I would like to say it is nice to meet you guys and I am so glad to be here to share a part of me with you! Thank you all!



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