Steven Liu, Life in U.S., C3

Steven Liu, Life in U.S., C3

Today I am going to share one of my story that I never tell or speak in public before. Which is one of the happiest moment I had in my life.

The picture was took in 2007, which is 7 years ago, the boy’s name is Steven, and you might say what happened to you? I will only explain I ate too much gutter oil and plasticizer.

2007, a year that change my life once for all. My mom went to United States for a graduate degree, and luckily my brother and I could go with her. People here might have exchange experience in college or have studied abroad before, but not many in junior high school right?

I was imaging that it’s a Utopia, not hell. First three month in school (junior high school) is quite frustrated, I never know that life can be so difficult to me. My English is very poor, I can’t read or speak, so I didn’t make any friends when it begin. But luckily I do know how to speak cafeteria, restroom, yes and no. That’s how I survived in school.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Gradually, I can talk, I can talk, by using very simple English. Life seems much easier to me. I start to going social events, like Orchestra, I played violin, played football, or went to church on Sunday. I did feel I am a part of the class, and inspired by education in USA.

School in US starts from 8:30 and ends at 2:30 every day, compare to life in Taiwan, it’s like studied in a theme park. Students there do have their own interested, or you can say “their own dream”, and well to spend their time on it. Unlike most students in Taiwan, we study all day long. For example, some of them what to be a football star, coder, dancer or music teacher. Also, their test surprised me, teacher often prepared personal quiz to international students like me, or students that not so well on their studying, after many years I back to Taiwan and I realize that was helping me to build my confidence. Because until now, I still remember the first time I got an A+, the feeling like accomplish an achievement. It feels awesome.

Talking about the life in school, as a boy, of course I have to mention the girls. But I have to say it first “I am not bluffing!” When my weight wasn’t double yet, I got a dreamy thing on Valentine’s Day that I never received before or after. A kiss? No. A girlfriend? Not even close. It’s a love letter, and a hug. Detail? No, no more details. Sorry to disappointed you. Because I know I won’t stay there forever. I made one of the biggest mistake that I still regret now.

There are many events in the school, and one time our social studies year project asked us to introduce a country and using handmade poster. As a students from Taiwan, it is my duty to let people know about Taiwan. My English isn’t that good, so my mom and I figure a fun way to let these students to member this country, I bring a real potato to class and showed at the end of my speech, I said Taiwan is an independent country, and shape like this potato. Since then, everyone knows I am Taiwanese, not Chinese.

I can’t really find a word to describe these memories. Fabulous? Colorful? None of the above. The only thing I do know(停頓) is if I wasn’t there, I won’t be the men who cherish every moment in his life, the men who love taking pictures and enjoy share weird photos on FBthe men who stands right here on the stage.



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