Kevin Tseng, Don’t forget to record!, C5

Kevin Tseng, C5

Don’t forget to record!


At the fourth day of the Toast camp, the farewell time of the camp, I was asked to give a short speech. As a leader of the general affair team(生輔組) I mostly worked behind the scene. When it was the time for me to stand in front of the crowd, to receive the applause from all the participants, I was speechless. “Thanks for all the members in this team, and those who really helped us a lot.” I said, in just a few words.

I felt quite bad at that time. Why? Why I worked so hard but in the end I felt nothing, I don’t want to be this kind of person. As the time gone by, two months later, when I was writing the script, the wonderful memories about the Toast camp came back to me. The memories refined, and mellowed. I remembered those nights when stars scattered across the sky, we practiced the light dance, chatted with each other, correcting each other’s moves, until 3am. There are really many people who helped me a lot during the camp, without them, the whole camp would possibly starve to death. Here I want to thank Tina, Hanna and Wendy specifically. Tina, thanks for all your help before and during the camp. Hanna, thanks for being my TME partner, and also your help with the chores. Wendy, thanks for forgiving my rudeness when trouble happened. I remember every one of you providing supports, thank you all, the experience and memories are invaluable.
These memories are great, tasted like sunshine flavor, but these wonderful memories would only come out when time goes by. At the end of the camp, my brain was blank because we slept after 3 am every day. These valuable memories would come out only if you dig them out. You may now wonder why until now I still don’t use my power point. That’s because I didn’t record anything of the camp. Too bad! To be honest, when I was writing the script, all I can do is to recall the pieces of memories. ”What…, how come there aren’t any pictures, even 1 is good” It would taste better if I did record some part of the four days. A diary, a picture or even a selfie, like now, is good. It records now and makes memories. When it refines, it becomes some part of your life.
There is another activity in summer vacation for toastmasters, the final (summer) outing. This time, I prepared the camera with me. And I am fortunate (had no regret), because I recorded the craziest final outing of toastmasters. We played without limit, from 3125 height to 0. And all along the way during the outing there are wars, the war in lazy river(漂漂河), the war in Steven’s birthday’s party(刮鬍泡大戰) and the war resist against sleepiness. We slept less than 2 hours in order to see the sunrise in Ho-Huang Mountain. Look at these pictures of the sunrise, beautiful, aren’t they? This is the picture of the president, and this is the picture of the punishment in Steven’s birthday party. This time I want to thank Howard and all the MVP team for the special design of the trip. I believe we can all expect how crazy it would be of the midterm outing.
Everyone has his own way to record life. My way? This non-fashion camera. So what’s yours? Toastmasters of the evening.

IE by Jason Lee



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