20140606, Judia Chen, (Off the Stage On the Stage – C4)

C4-Off the Stage On the Stage

Judia Chen

sing) And sometimes when we touch, The honesty’s too much, And I have to close my eyes and hide. I wanna hold you til I die, Til we both break down and cry, I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides.

Everyone has his/her stage. It may be this(PPT), this(PPT), or this(PPT). Today I’ll talk about my stage- My Music Stage(PPT).

My name is Judia. I studied in music class in senior high. Now, I am majoring in vocal music in college.

(PPT)Music, Why am I learning music?
(PPT)Music, Learning music for what?
(PPT)Music, What can I do after learning music?

Let’s watch a video first!(Video)
(Ask: So after you watched it how do you feel?)

When we were audience, Maybe we thought,”Wow~It is really an amazing show, how did they do that?”But, being a music student, I will think,”They are really great!What if I can do that, would it be do that great too?Two ways of learning, two kinds of thinking. I know how much time they have spent to off the stage, because I am also a performer.

There is a saying, (PPT)“One minute of performance on the stage needs ten years of practice off the stage.”A great concert can win hundreds of people applauding. But, off the stage, do you know how much work they have done?

(PPT) First, Practice: A good performance needs hundreds of hours to practice. Practice is the most boring thing, but it is also the most important work.

(PPT) Second, Cooperation: Aside from practice, finding partners is also important. Like accompaniment, Makeup artist, Hair stylist. Sometimes, a person’s power is not enough, but with a group of people we become more powerful. That’s why people say (PPT) “One hundred people walking a step together is better than a person walking one hundred steps.”

(PPT) Third, Publicize: Making myself well-prepared isn’t enough. A performance not only needs performers, but also audience. So publicize is Indispensable.

(PPT) Final, Publicity: Then, a beautiful stage is waiting for you!

In the past, I was confused about my own future, and thought a lot about my music road. Sometimes, I really felt tired that I wanted to give up. I always asked myself, do I like it?

Spending lots of time wandering around, now, I find my answers.

(PPT)Why am I learning music? (PPT)Because of Passion!
(PPT)Learning music for what? (PPT) Bringing an audience a good memory!
(PPT)What can I do after I learned music? (PPT)Use my specialty to touch the strings in people’s heart.

And now, I’ve done all the preparation off the stage, and I’m ready to go on the stage. (PPT).

So this summer, Friday, August fifteenth. If you like music, if you like Kaohsiung, and of course, if you like me, welcome to my music concert.





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