20140606, Bill Peng, (A Look Back – A3)

A3-A Look Back


Today, is the last speech I give in NTUTM as a menber. It has been 4 years since I first came. So I would like to have “a look back” to my past. For me, the first year was an year of discovering. I met new people, get into new environment, learning a new culture, everything was so new to me. In the 2nd semester, I joined the new officers team.

Before I came here, I was the kind of person that was good at fighting alone, but not familiar with working with the others. So the first thing NTUTM taught me was exactly “cooperation”. During those days, I had an deeper understanding of our core value: “love and care”, and realized that people choose to work with each other not because of their ability, but because of our mutual trust.

The second year was a shinning year of my TM life.
In June, 2011, I became the 29th President of NTU Toastmasters. From that moment,
The fate of NTUTM and me step into an era of revolution. Many things you saw now were started from that period. In July, 2011, with the help and support of the senior members, we founded the very first NTU Toastmasters Summer Camp. And, As far as I know, It is still the “only” TM camp among all the TM clubs in Taiwan, now.

However, behind those success, a extremely huge conflict existed between me and the seniors. Stress, arguments, quarrels, even tears, those things was so vivid to me even until now. But those unpleasant experiences was exactly what makes me grow.
At the time I became the president, I promise to the seniors: “I’ll guide and guard this place, making it as it used to be, as now is, as it will always continue to be, the warm, sweet home of our hearts.” After the TM summer camp, I started to fulfill my promises.
Within a few months, we bought a new projector, redesign the stadium, reform the SGD, and introducing the very first Mentor-mentee platform, family system, and designed meeting.
Such accomplishment was only possible with the fully support of my officer team.
In those days, it also gave many chances to reconsider our core value, and eventually I realized that besides “love and care”, “Inspiration” is even more important to us.
It is reason we choose to stay. A3 A Look Back, only with love and without inspiration, our friendship won’t last long. So I made a wish then, wishing NTUTM would always be the most valuable place inside our hearts.

The third year was a year reflection. After I retired from the president, I had more chances to try new things. During that year, I leaded the team of the second NTUTM summer camp, founded a startup called “SlideArtToasters” (簡報藝術烘焙坊) and co-created the very first board game in the International night. Besides, I also came up an idea that I should leave something before I leave. So I joined the project of making an documentary film “Homeward Bound”. I hope that through the images and the videos, the members in the future can have glimpse of these revolutionary years, and realized what we tried to fight and leave for them.

From these reflections, here comes my fourth year, the year of transformation. Opps!!! In this year, I started to think what a very senior member can do for our club.! Before, I believe that “we stayed, because of our inspiration here. But mow, I make this idea one step further, and realized that “we leave, because we want to bring our Inspiration to the world”! So in this year, I use what I learned here to promote myself and NTUTM. I got to the chance to standing on the TEDxTaida stage, and holding the presentation design workshop to made profit for my startup. All these things are far beyond my imagination four years ago, I think that is the best proof of my favorite quote “To Start you don’t have to be good; but to be good, you have to start”.

Here comes to NOW, and I choose leave this page to all of us. Let’s take a picture an create history together. Say 321, cheese…… So That’s it, the last piece of my journey.Last, I would like to say, there is no going back to the past, but A look back can help me connecting the dots, connecting the things I have been through, and realize how many wonderful things I’ve experienced.! You are the most beautiful scenery in NTU Toastmasters, A3 A Look Back, With your companion, these would be the most wonderful memories in my college life.

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