20140606, Bess Chen, (On the Way of Internships – C5)

C5-On the Way of Internships

Bess Chen

It is quite common for students study in management to apply for the internship and so do I. In the internship, we not only learn something that would be useful in the future career, but also make our resume more competitive. Most important of all, it provides us a chance to make sure what we are interested in or whether we are suitable in this job. Therefore, this semester I started to apply for an internship. However, it is not an easy task for sophomores to apply for. Lots of companies set requirements for the qualification. Lots of companies only welcome students above junior year to apply .Therefore, I told myself that this time, it would only be a try. I wanted to know whether I was on the right direction of my life, so that I could make sure I put efforts on something worth investing. Besides, I wanted to accumulate my interview experiences and sharpen my interview skills.

I just like a rookie who plays her first game in nerve. You are not sure whether my resume was competitive enough and whether you can get the chance to be interviewed, or the person that companies want. What I can do is do my best beat other competitors and catches interviewer’s attention, hoping them to give me a chance of interview. I felt lucky that there were three companies asking me to be interviewed. In order to prepare for the interview, I started to write the script of myself introduction.

In the interview, self-introduction is very important. However, this question confused me for so long. At that time, I got lost in my self-introduction. It’s not until when I applied for the internship did I start to think about what kinds of person I am and what my strengths are. However, I got lost in my self-introduction. I could make a list for my weakness, but It seemed difficult for me to find out my strengths. However, if I didn’t know my strengths, how can I persuade the interviewers to give me the internship? Thanks for Emma’s feedback in the model interview. She gave me lots of advice and showed me some of my strengths. I got to know more about myself a little bit. However, I made a mistake. I just said something to plead with interviewers, because I felt unconfident if my personalities fitted the interviewers’ expectations. I tried to guess what kind of person they want. For example, they may want someone outgoing and fluent in English, good at team working and communication skills. However, it was just my guess.

When I did the self-introduction in the interview, I put a beautiful mask on my face, because I thought those interviewers would want to see that. It was not until six days ago, I had dinner with my teacher, who was the manager of my first internship company. He said, instead of guessing what they want, I should be myself. A company would want those who truly know themselves. If you tell something untrue, your eye contact would show everything. It is easy to improve the interview skills, even though you didn’t have that kinds of personalities, but you still have the way to persuade them. Most of the time, it is hard to face yourself. His word really shed light on me, and finally I knew how to write a proper self-introduction. I think this is the most important lesson I learn from the internship application.

During this process, I got to know more about my strength and weakness, and get more confidence for my next internship application. Although, It took me a lot of time to find companies, write resume, and waiting for the result, but it is worthy. Now, as a rookie who just finished her first try on internship application, I can’t wait for my next game. I believe after I sharpen my weapons, I can get the internship I want next year.



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