20140530, Richard Lin (Campaign Speech)(with Q&A Part)

2014 Spring Campaign Speech

Richard Lin

Good evening everyone. Thanks for your coming. These day, I’ve made a lot of efforts figuring out how should I deliver my campaign speech. So I turn to the former presidents. In Emma’s speech, she said that “at the beginning, I refused to be the president." Yep indeed, after Emma finished her role as EVP, she didn’t join the officer team next semester. On the other hand, Joey take the role as the president. In his campaign speech, he said “I’ve never thought that I would be on this stage one day." Then I listened to Claire’s campaign speech. She said “I’m delivering my campaign speech, a moment that I never imagine when I come to the club." It’s interesting why all the presidents keep saying something like “I can’t believe that……I can’t imagining that….." For me, I do think about being a president because Claire asked me beforehand. At that time, I started to look back on my TM life.

Looking back to the history, we all know that we have Joyce, Bill, April, Li-Yuan. But my memory to NTU Toastmasters began at Claire’s era. The first time I stepped into this room, I listened to Jason’s lovely speech about campus union. That my first impression to this wonderland. The high quality of the meeting and extremely friendly atmosphere really impressed me. Thanks to my dear mentor Jack Tung, I survived in my first semester. The next semester, I joined Tina’s EVP team as a deputy. I was in charge of the mentor mentee platform, just like what Wendy does today. During these days, I was touched by all the mentors willing to devote their time to support this club. Then there came my first milestone. One night, I got a facebook message from Emma. “Richard, do you want to be the EVP?" Oh my god, I was so shocked! It took me almost five days to rearrange my future plan. Thank you Emma for giving me this chance and waiting for a week until I said yes to you. Now, what’s next?

I don’t like to make policies out of my intuition. I want to make it scientific and persuasive. So, I made an investigation through out our club. I sent this questionnaire to all the members of our club, and finally I got 53 replies. I think the result represents the current condition of our club well. Let’s take a look at some questions that I’m interested in.

Question one, how did you know our club? If we get the idea that what is the most efficient way to promote our club, it will help our PRVP team a lot. The result comes like this. Let’s make a guess. What does the orange piece stand for? I’ll give you three choices. Is it Google search? We obtain the information we need by google it. Is it Facebook fans page? Or is it posters? If you think it is google search please raise your hand. And who think it is facebook fans page? And posters? Okay. Actually none of them! The internet, posters and the others respect to these three pieces. The second large piece goes to the club exposition 社團博覽會. The biggest one goes to the recommendation from our friends! You will find that, wow, everyone of you is PRVP deputy promoting our club! Instead, some traditional advertisement on bicycles and tables can be eliminated, and let the PRVP team devote their efforts in right place.

Question two, how many speeches do we need? Every semester, the prepared speech positions on sign up system are filled in so quickly, even within one hour after they are released. We all know that we desperately need more chances of prepared speech. But, the question is, how many speeches are needed? So I would like to monitor the difference between the number of speeches our members wanted to deliver and really delivered. In the questionnaire, I give out four choices. No speech, one speech, two speeches, or more than three. And, for the result, the speeches people want to deliver goes to this, totally 81 speeches. This result comes from only 53 replies, so I expect that the real number will be greater. When it comes to the speeches people really delivered, the distribution undergoes a serious downshift. 49 speeches in total. Actually, from our sign up system, we provided 68 speeches in this semester, including 23 C1 speeches. Only 45 speeches were delivered by the junior and senior members. That’s not enough for the scale of our club today. Therefore, I came up with 2 solutions. One is to add a new speech marathon like extra meeting into our schedule. It will provide around 8 speeches. The other is to replace one IE with one speech. Usually we have 5 speeches and 5 IEs in one meeting. Now I want to replace one IE with one speech, and add two written IE. This will provide another 5 speeches per semester. For our club members, the additional 13 speeches means a 20% increase to the opportunities. I believe that, more speeches, more progress. This is what our club members need today.

The last thing is Legacy system. This is a system collecting the wisdom of  senior members and sharing them with all the club members. Let the legacy be accumulated, and passed down through the generations. I think it would be a website. We collect questions that members want to ask, record the answers of the seniors, and put them on the website. Actually this is what Joey want to promote one year ago. We have waited for a year, and now it’s time to share to the public.

In the last part of my speech, I want to share my view points toward communication and leadership. Every demo meeting, the EVP will introduce CC & CL track of our club. We deliver speeches to enhance the CC level, and fulfill CL track by taking positions. But is it meaningful to us? Communication is not only speeches or IEs. And I don’t believe you can make progress in leadership skills by taking positions. The real trainings of CC and CL are being a mentor and being an officer. By helping your mentees and doing teamwork, you can practice the skills of both communication and leadership. So, I would like to encourage the new members to join our officer team, and also encourage the junior members to be the mentors.

In the future, for the officer team, mentors, and myself, there may be challenges and obstacles. Don’t be afraid. That is what makes us grow. I would like to share my definition to rock n’ roll. That is, when you are facing challenges, be a rock that not to roll.

— * Q&A Time – All members to Candidate * ——





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