20140530, Jessica Chen, (A Fantasy Journey – Xiang Sheng – C5)

C5-A Fantasy Journey – Xiang Sheng

Jessica Chen

Have you ever recalled your childhood memories and found them sweet and precious? Sometimes, special moments of growing up from those past years gradually fade in again. They may warm your heart and bring back some simple but long- forgotten feelings.

One of my vivid memories took place when I was an 11-year-old little girl. Once my teacher asked in class, “who is willing to represent our class and attend the相聲contest?.” Although I wasn’t sure what 相聲 was, I was so simple-minded that I raised my hand immediately. I raised my hand high up in the air with excitement, even as I wasn’t sure if I could do it well. After that, my small adventure began.

My friend and I, as a pair, took a 相聲 class. A middle-aged woman served as a tutor and taught us some techniques of speaking相聲. We started our training by pronouncing every word clearly and correctly, especially when it came to ㄓ ㄔ ㄕ. Then, we tried to add vivid facial expressions. To make our performance even more humorous, we adjusted our tones, paces and gestures. During the 相聲class, we also appreciated some famous 相聲 masterpieces and tried to pick up some tips from those comedians. 相聲is indeed an unique traditional performing art. I was so surprised by how diversified our human voice could be. By changing one’s tones, we could mimic different characters, animals or even the sounds of nature. Therefore, even if there are only one or two people preforming, through the comedian’s sudden transitions among several roles, a fantastic and intriguing story unfolds. I discovered these amazements from the journey, and it was certainly a wonderful period of time that I couldn’t have imagined otherwise.

After two months of training, it was time to throw ourselves into the contest. My friend and I were dressed in Chinese (traditional?) dresses and wore hair buns on our head. We were nervous but excited, and we ended up winning the second place in the competition.

I am glad that I had the chance to go through this enjoyable experience. And recalling this memory helps me gain a different aspect toward life. Before sharing my reflection on this memory , I would like to perform a little piece of 相聲now, especially to those who are not familiar with it. And since I have nobody to perform with, I am going to speak alone 單口相聲.



As a conclusion, the simple concept that I would like to share is, “The world is a playground, but most of us forget about it.” I can recall the scene clearly. When the teacher asked if there was any volunteer, an 11- year old girl sat upright and naively raised her hand as high as possible. At then, I had no idea that 相聲 could be so lively and appealing. I didn’t know I would immerse myself in it with passion. Also, I had no idea that the process of learning would be full of laughter and surprises. I was a small adventurer, fearlessly exploring a new field. When I look back on this wonderful journey, I start to wonder, as I grow up, if I have lost the curiosity to give the unknown a good try. If the world is a playground, why not open my eyes wide and revive my natural curiosity? Try to act as a bold kid, hold on tight and enjoy the adventure. The world is a playground, but most of us forget about it, and now, let’s try to retain it.






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