20140530, Francis Yao, (TOUCH Changes the Way of Our Life – C1)

C1-TOUCH Changes
the Way of Our Life

Francis Yao

Good evening every Toastmaster, fellow members, and the most welcome guests! I am so glad to have a chance at this stage. This is my first time on this stage. Let me introduce myself. My name is Francis. I have a bachelor degree with a major in Civil Engineering field. I graduated from National Taipei University Technology. I am currently working in acer company, NOT ASUS, although the same a,most of people confuse acer and ASUS. I came from Burma.Because I am responsible for smart phone product at work,today I want to share why touch change the way of our life.

I remembered 10 years ago, most of peoples used feature phone. When you want to make a call, you need more steps to find address book and click physical button to dial up. No handwriting is on feature phones. When you want to take photos, you need more steps to find camera application. And photo resolution is very low. In addition, there is no slide function in feature phone and the feature phone cannot zoom into picture. When you want to listen to the music, you need more steps to operate. It is so difficult to use. You cannot slide next to the songs. No touch function is in the feature phone. So far, do you still use the feature phone?

Today I am here to share why touch changes the way of our life. Every morning I ride the MRT and see dozens of smart phone addicts tapping away on their phones. We called these guys is Phubbing.低頭族。 Capacitive Touch technologies電容式螢幕 – these highly accurate touchscreens respond instantly using the electrical properties of the human body. Touch control is more reliable than traditional buttons or knobs because it doesn’t require mechanical motion and is less likely to wear out. No one can deny that the smart phone has revolutionized our personal and professional lives. More than just a phone, they are powerful, networked multimedia computers that we carry with us every day. Touch device came into being information could travel around the world almost instantly. This alone has impacted the practicalities of almost every industry in the world. It has changed the shape of our operation and shortened the time.

The way we consume information has changed drastically too, news and information can be accessed instantly from anywhere in the world. This not only means that we can get information quicker, but also that traditional information sources like newspapers have been forced to adapt to a new role. Tradition newspapers have designed for left to right side to read, but the e papers have been forced to design for up and down to a new role. One of the biggest impacts that the Touch device has had is on the normal communication between citizens. Anybody can post everything on the Internet that will be seen by anyone else, it will be mass communication. Websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Google plus have changed the way we organize our social lives, while websites like YouTube have changed the shape of our entertainment.

No-touch screen is the next generation, It allows users to control a screen with their fingers even from the other side of the room and put their hands through a screen to ‘touch’ objects. Touch touch touch, touch will connect the people. Touch technology is so easy to interact with each other, anywhere, anytime. Thank you for your attention.





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