20140530, Steven Tsuang, (The Drug Dealer – C2)

C2-Drug Lord

Steven Tsuang

Today, I am going to share a secret. My mom is drug lord, which means she sells drug. My mom is one of the biggest drug distributors in Taipei. She sevices? top quality drugs though out the drug market. If you want to buy drug. I’m affraidthat  you have to line up, since she already has about 700 drug addicted customers

If you are calling the police right now, you may hang it out. It is because that my Mom is working in a Methadone clinic, which helps the addicted to quit heroine with other replacement.

What is Methadone? What is the replacement treatment.
What is Methadone? What is the replacement treatment. In the 1930s, German is on the edge of war. Morphine is an important strategic material. It is desperately needed. Unlike United Kingdon, which can harvest Opium Poppy from its colony. Germany has to find its own way. The Answer is Methadone, an organic compound with similar effect to morphine. Most importantly, it can be mass produced in a factory. It can fulfill the tremendous demands of the second world war.

After WW2, Methadone had entered a brand new battlefield. The global war against drug abuse. Methadone has similar effect as heroine, and it has much longer effective span than heroine. Nonetheless, it is cheaper and can be mass produced in the factory. When someone is addicted to heroine, Methadone fulfills his/her craving for drug. By reducing the dose of Methadone day by day, addict can get rid of drug abuse in the long run.

The Replacement Treatment:
So what does methadone clinic look like? .In the morning, patients line up (Little drama). They can survive a day hard work from craving of heroine.

It is such an easy job right? However, the only thing you have to avoid is someone stealing the drug. How to steal Methadone. Let me show you. (Little drama) Believe it or not someone will buy it.

Hopeless life of a drug addict:
Most of you haven’t met any addict before. (You may wonder do those patient)? .Before I tell you their characteristic if(?)May I ask you question? How many houses do you have in Taipei. Show me with your figure. Losers, me too. For some of the patient, they were once winners in their life. They had several houses before they took drugs. In the black market, each shot heroine costs about 1,000 NTD; Each day it costs 3000NTD for 3 shot. Each month it will cost 100,000 NTD, which can hire 5 college graduate nowadays. And for the winners, Drug Deal has a special price for them. For the addicted loser, there is no way they can afford this service. Therefore, some really make the most of “replacement treatment”

Not all the patients are abusing replacement treatment. Actually, most of them are making progress. Day by day, the doses they need become lower and lower. In the long run, they can become totally clean.

Ending- A Easy Job: (Free Style!!!!)




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