20140509, Kenny Chen, (On the Right Stage – C2)

C2-On the Right Stage

Kenny Chen

In the past, people considered me to be a hard-working student, always did well on school work, or in another word, a nerd. But actually I had a dream that I never told others. I like dancing or to be more specific, bitch dance. I want to go on the stage and shine like a superstar. But I dare not tell any other prople. Could you guys imagine that what would happen if a little boy told his mom?

“mommy, I wanna dance.”
“Ok, I can find you a tutor. What kind of dance do you wanna learn?”

“like what Britney spears and Jolin Tsai do, Go go sister~ Go go brother~”
“oh my boy! Tell me the truth! Did you see too many Tailand movies recently? Or you wanna do sex change surgery and have G cup like Jolin Tsai, don’t you?”

And then the anxious mother will bring her lovely boy to the psychiatrist directly.

So I decided to become a bathroom dancer. Every day while I was taking a bath, I imagined that I was on the stage of Broadway. The showerhead was my microphone and my reflection in the mirror became my biggest loyal fan(he had no choice). However, Dancing in the bathroom was so dangerous. It was so narrow that when I do the sexy moves like this, I always hit something (feeling hurt). One day I even realized that dancing in the bathroom was not only dangerous but fatal. I danced so excited that I did a whirl on the wet and smooth floor (lalaolala~~) and my mommy asked, “son, what’s happening inside?””nothing, the showerhead fell. ” but I still enjoyed my personal show time while I was taking a bath. But the obstacle came, when my dad saw the utility bill, “why the water bill is getting higher and higher these days.” I got a lesson, “besides endangering your life, being a bathroom dancer was also expensive.”

Fortunately, in college, there are plenty of opportunities to be on the stage. I tried many kinds of dances: Korean pop, waking and voging.I spare no efforts to practice how to do this move better and be sexier than Beyonce because it was better than in the bathroom too much. I can stand on a real stage, the dry floor and more than one viewer. When it’s time being on the stage, I enjoyed flashing an enchanting smile to the audience, strutting my stuff and shaking crazily it to the groove. I could remember that feeling forever. It’s the passion and energy in my life. I want to put more efforts into this and always expect the next chances to be on the stage.

However, there was a nightmare in the childhood bothering me. My voice is kinda sissy. Ok, not kinda but totally. When other people hear my words, people may (shock) or giggles. I would never forget that one day when I went find my big brother in the basketball court with his friends. ”brother~~” and his friend (opened his eyes) and said, “hey, dude. What happened to your brother’s voice?” And my brother even added fuels to the fire, saying: “I have the same question since he can talk.”(it’s my dear brother.) I know they didn’t mean to hurt me but such situations did happen a lot and bother me. Gradually, I was getting afraid of showing the real me.When meeting new guys, I often, “Hi, I’m Kenny chen. Nice to meet you.” If they ask sbout my habits, “ I like ….basketball and do heavy weighing”.the more I disguised myself, the more confused I got. “Should I keep pretending to be another guy instead of doing what I like and be the real me?” I feel like an outsider against this world.

But dream is natural. Dream is necessary. Dream is not only the source of passion, but even brings hope and courage in our life. If the reality seems against our dream, why don’t we just rebel and redefine the reality? Who knows that a boy playing barbies all day long could become this Jason Wu, a promising designer in the fashion industry?I finally stand on the real stage instead of my tiny, wet and dangerous bathroom. I don’t wanna stop my dream to bop to the top, be myself and bitch on this stage to seduce the audience. I figure out that there is always a bitch in everyone’s heart, big or small, it depends. That bitch motivates you to pursue your goal, your passion in your life. But we prison her deep in our heart. We always hear her craving. ”please! let me explore! I’m the primitive desire you wanna pursue” Just unleash her and follow your heart boldly. If you don’t keep the bitch down, she will definitely lead you from the bathroom to be on your right stage.

Contest Chair.




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