20140509, Eric Chang, (Why Am I Not Single – C4)

C4-Why Am I Not Single

Eric Chang

Hello, everyone. My name is Eric Chang. I’m a sophomore now, and I also suffer more. Recently, my friend, Peter, told me that his twentieth birthday was around the corner, and I replied, “Uh…happy birthday.” He said, “No, Eric. I want to say that I’m a loser,魯蛇, I have crawled for about twenty years like a snake!!” ,“I haven’t made any girlfriend for twenty years! I’m a king snake!” I said,”Uh…my friend, you know, good luck, happy birthday!” Yet, I didn’t know how to console his broken heart. The question comes to me, “Why am I not single?”

I have a girlfriend. We are in love together for about five years. I discussed with her the question, “why am I not single?” She said, ”because of me.”  Oh, seriously, we have discussed the question for an hour.

I could divide it into three parts.

First, she said.”You look not bad. You know, when you were a junior high student, your hairstyle was flaptop. With no glasses, your eyes are little big. You’re cute just like an alien. However, I think you were really a potential stock, I decided to be with you.” You know, I’m not so satisfied with this answer, she called me alien, am I? (Yeah) OK, fine. Maybe, gentlemen, if you want to make a girlfriend, go to see the Korean Soap Opera, My love from the Star(來自星星的你)!

Second, I think I would amuse her. It’s an important part. For example, when she was upset, I’ll sing for her. 我願做你的召喚獸,陪你闖危險的宇宙,期待你有一天,回頭看看我。You know, I almost forgot how to sing this song in pitch, I’m totally out of the key. Yet, what is important is not in pitch, it is the honest mind you hold when you’re singing. Also, with some additional effects, facial expressions and exaggerated gestures are necessary because when a person was down, she didn’t listen to the song at all, she focused on the atmosphere your voice conveyed. If you sing like this with some voices cracks, she must laugh as soon as possible. So, don’t sing for her in pitch!

Third, be considerate! As you know, women’s “aunts” will visit them every month. You should take care of them wherever she is. Therefore, you have to be there when she needs you. I recommend you own a motorcycle like Eric owns his little grey. It helps you enhance your credentials. Also, her appetite may be influenced when she feels not good. So you should prepare a belly, like this (show my belly) to be filled by the food she couldn’t eat another bite. You’ll finish it, and you’ll get some awards on your belly day by day. It’s honor! And then, tolerate and bear her bad temper. Try to consider many things in her shoes no matter trivial or not. It will make you more considerate!

They are the three reasons for the question,”why am I not single”. However, I think whether you’re single or not is not so important. Whether you are a loser or not is not important. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day alone or not is not important. What is important is the mind you have to care about others. What is important is you are compassionate. What is important is your character. If you care about others, you think in other’s shoes and identify with others, and you will attract many people. You’re no longer single. It’s not a matter of single but considerate! You’re not a loser. You win everyone’s heart.

But if you think, you really want to be fall in love with someone.Then, according to my speech, I can suggest you go to watch channel” My love from the stars”, pretend to be an alien. And don’t sing in pitch to make her happy. With some voice cracked is better. Also prepare a belly for the left food, and her bad temper. You’re never a king snake.

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