20140503, Andy Tam, (Life Is on Your Hands – C1) (With Judge’s Comment by Howard Hwai)

C1-Life Is on Your Hand

 Andy Tam

Before I start I am going to tell you a bit more about myself. Here is where I lived. Hong Kong is a very energetic, lovely place, as well as a place where western and eastern culture crossover. I have been living there for 19 years. (Show photo). I studied both Engineering and Business in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Some of you may have heard about it and even heard of the nickname Hong Kong University of Stress and Tension.(Pause) Now it is my pleasure to be one of the exchange students in NTU, enjoying the beautiful campus and meeting new friends!


Today I am going to share my personal belief. It is not anything complicated. Instead it is a spirit which leads me to where I have been, including this stage.

About 4 years ago, I was a very ordinary high school student. Every day I went to the school and had routinized boring lessons. However, there was one little thing that changed my life. My physics teacher asked the whole class whether they are interested in joining a Physics Olympiad Competition. It was voluntary and no one put up their hands at first. At that time I was quite interested in physics but I was not brave enough to be the first one to put up my hand. There were a few seconds when the whole class was silent. Finally I made up my mind. I put up my hand confidently and some of my classmates followed me to join the competition. This whole incident might seem nothing special to most of you, but for me, I felt it was the first time for me to take control of my own life. Before, I followed what my parents and teachers told me to do. I didn’t have my own decision at all. Since it was me who decided to join the competition, I spent almost all of the time to fight for it in order to leave no regrets. Even it was during the holiday I still went to the school every day for a whole week just to let myself focus on my own training. After two months of intensive training, it was proven that I made the most significant decision in my life. The hard work paid off and I was selected to represent HK to compete with other Asian students in Israel. It was such a valuable experience for me to broaden my horizon. I was even interviewed by a reporter after the competition. All of these happened just because I had the courage to make my own decision at the very beginning. No matter how hard it was to achieve the goal, I still persisted as it is where your heart want you to go. Since then I learnt to think independently and take control of my own life.

Because of the competition I was able to get into my favorite subject and continue my study. At the second year I came across another decision making point. I was about to make a choice on whether I would go out for overseas Exchange or just stay in Hong Kong. Many of my friends didn’t want to go as they don’t want to leave their families and friends for half a year. One might have to study more before or after an exchange to compensate the credits lost.

Right before the application deadline, I made up my mind finally. I didn’t go for one Exchange. I went for two. Indeed Sweden was the country where I had my first Exchange study. I had my very adventurous half-year over there. I tried to hike for seven days to the top of Sweden. Camping with a tent in Norway, Skydiving in Prague and making new friends.

All these happened because I didn’t follow blindly what people say and act. You are the only one who truly knows what exactly you need! There is no point to mimic people surrounding you as it is you who live your life, not your parents, not your teachers, not your friends. Be brave to hold your life on your hands! TME

—————- Judges Comment by Howard Hwai —————- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jyH894f6mg




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