20140503, Samantha Chao, (Jogging and Me – C1) (With Judge’s Comment by Jessica Chen)

C1-Jogging and Me

 Samantha Chao

Everyone has anxiety to conquer in his or her life. It may be the anxiety for midterm exam, for public speaking, or for getting up early. When we are anxious we feel hands sweating, heart beating, a voice in your mind screaming out, ”no, no, no, stop it! Leave me alone. I don’t want to take the midterm exam. I don’t want to go on the stage to present my term project. I don’t want to wake up to go to school so early.” We are anxious when we don’t want face difficulties in our lives.

I used to be anxious about running test in physical education class as well.

Running test was a torture to me in the physical education class when I was in the high school. Imaging you are on the field, the teacher announces, “listen up students! We have a 3 Kilometer running exam today. Tie up your shoes laces(?) and stand back to the line. Then the gun fires. 30 people flock into the first line of the field, you feel you are almost squeezed out from the lane. You just woke up half an hour ago, jumping into a school bus, even without eating breakfast. It is a 30 degree Celsius sunny day outdoor. The sunlight irritates your eyes, and you feel dizzy because of your low blood sugar. At the moment, there are still 12 rounds remaining. You feel that it is a battle with yourself that never comes to an end. Time seems to freeze at the moment and never goes by. You are in the hell and never get rescued. It was what I felt in the running exam. So, to confess, I hated running. Whenever I had a running test, even though I didn’t purposely find excuses to prevent myself from it, my body and my unconscious mind do. I felt a butterfly in my stomach. It was too painful so I can barely run, or even walk.

However, nor did I know things can change drastically. I hated running but now jogging takes up an important role in my life. After I entered college, the burden of schoolwork ruined my health. I stay up late pretty often; in contrast I never went to bed after 11 p.m. in high school. I set out to find the balance between school life and personal life. I find jogging works. Jogging has a lot of benefits. It not only helps me to lose weight, to relax the rigidity in the muscles, and to produce endorphin, a chemical substance which releases stress and makes runners happy.

Jogging also helps me to get closer with my little brother. My brother and I study in different city, and we have only a few times to meet up. He has been jogging regularly on Saturday night around the riverside park to lose weight. I find running in the riverside park a marvelous idea because I can enjoy the view and nature, lose weight and have time to talk to my brother. I join his night jogging event. I treasure the moments very much. It was the first time he tells me how great his archery skill. It was the first time he tells me his worries about how to talk to the girl he liked. It is his jogging that makes my participation possible. Its is jogging that makes me understand him more than before.

This experience makes me understand what running is, what I once hated, has turned into a positive term in my life. Now I am seeking for more opportunities to run with people around me. In the end of May, I will be joining a  night Marathon in NTU. To participate in this competition, I have practice with my friends several times a week. Jogging is not a challenge anymore, but a meaningful activity that brings me closer with my family and my friends.

I step out of my comfort zone to something I dislike in the past. Gradually I find some things are not bad as we think. Every bad things have a positive side that we may not notice. When facing difficulties, what we should do is to be positive, have a strong mind to conquer the anxiety and difficulties. I hope I can find more people jogging with me. To start, you don’t have to run fast; but to run fast, you have to start.

Toastmaster of the evening.

—————- Judges Comment by Jessica Chen —————-




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