20140503, Lucy Sung, (Touch the World by Myself – C1) (With Judge’s Comment by Minnie Lin)

C1-Touch the World by Myself

Lucy Sung

Good evening everyone. My name is Lucy Sung. I’m a sophomore and major in Accounting. Generally speaking, I’m an easy-going person and just a little bit shy. I like to see movies, listen to music and read novels. Besides interests above, travelling is my favorite activity. Today, I would like to share my overseas travel experience with you.

My first time going abroad was a trip to Hokkaido, Japan with my family while in my 10 years of age. I was so curious about everything and it was an unforgettable memory. At that time, I made a wish that I want to travel around the world when I grow up. I want to see the world, feel the world and touch the world.

While in my junior high and senior high, I still went abroad with my family and the destination was almost in Asia like Hong Kong, Macaw, Singapore and Thailand. Usually we joined a tourist group and took a package tour which means we pay all the fees to the travel agency and it arranged everything for us, including meals, transportation and accommodation. However, I don’t like this travelling type because I want to plan the schedule by myself and have a deeper exploration in a city.

I didn’t have the opportunity until I passed the college entrance exam. In that summer, I visited Vancouver, Canada with my best friend for forty-day study-abroad trip. Every morning we studied English in the language school with students from all over the world. After school, we went everywhere in Vancouver by bus or by skytrain. During that time, both of us not only visited tourist attractions of Vancouver, but also lived like the local residents. We went to city library for reading books or surfing the internet. We went to supermarket to buy groceries and haggled over every penny just like a housewife. We rode bicycles all over the streets of the city, played with kids in the park, took a sunbath in the beach and cooked Canadian traditional food in homestay. Let me tell you, if we joined a tourist group, there was no chance to experience the local living style above.

After the study trip in Vancouver, I fall in love in individual travelling. Last summer vacation, I visited Soul, Korea by myself and also had lots of amazing experience in not only eating delicious food and taking some beautiful pictures, but also deeply blending myself into local culture.

Finally, I would like to say, travelling by myself indeed broadens my horizon and inspires me new motivation for adventure. I hope I would have enough money and courage to explore the world all my life. Although there will be some obstacles in front of me, I will overcome them and make my dream come true.

—————- Judges Comment by Minnie Lin —————-






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