20140503, Jerry Zhong, (A Boy and His Dream – C1) (With Judge’s Comment by Howard Hwai)

C1-A Boy and His Dream

Jerry Zhong

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jerry and I major in the department of Electrical Engineering. Today, I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, a boy was born in a lovely family. In his childhood, he liked singing. One day his dad’s friend came to visit with a guitar and found that after playing a song, the boy can remember the melody and sing precisely to the pitch. After discovering his talents, his parents took him to piano class when he was five. From then on, while his classmates were enjoying their free time after school, he practiced playing the piano. It was not an easy routine but he enjoyed it, especially at the moment when he finished composing his first piano piece.

When he was ten, he saw a movie in the music class, The Chorus, 放牛班的春天. It was his favorite! The movie showed that music is the best language for the teachers to communicate with the troublesome kids in the orphanage. After the movie and leaving the classroom, he felt ambivalent. He told himself, one day, he will bring happiness to others through music.

Happy time didn’t last long. He was about to graduate from the elementary school. He wants to meet his parent’s expectation to become an excellent engineer, so it was time to focus more on his study. On a rainy night before the graduation ceremony, the boy bought a cake to thank his teacher and the seven years of piano tutorial had comes to an end.

No pain, no gain. The boy didn’t disappoint his parents and passed the college entrance exam outstandingly. He was one step away from his parents’ expectation. What he needed to do was to get good grades. However, things didn’t go smoothly. He struggled with mathematical equations and gradually found that he could no longer handle them. He started to recall the wonderful memory with piano in the past, but there was no way back. He couldn’t compose anymore and could only play simple pieces. How could he realize his dream?

At the desperate moment, he came up with what his friend had told him. Sometimes we are lucky to find our interests. Some people find that they’re good at singing. Some take out paint brushes at will, and scrabble down beautiful drawings. Some dance to the rhythm once and love dancing ever after.

One day your friends might notice something special about you. He finds out that you sing well. He finds out that your art work is brilliant. He finds out that your dance is elegant and lively. You start to develop your skills further. You sing precisely to the pitch. You perfect your panting skills as if your vivid drawings were scenery from real life. You polish your dance and it becomes more and more graceful.

It is a part of your life and it brings you applause and satisfaction. You are regarded as an expert by your friends. Sometimes you will face setbacks, chaos, and fierce competition. Struggling for greatness, you make your work more spectacular and more complicated, or ever more exotic until you lose control and find nothing left except for the reason you love it in the beginning.

Suddenly, he came up with his dream “to bring happiness to others through music”. Now, the boy is no longer confused. He understands that this is not the end. Instead, it’s a start. Now, the boy joins Multimedia IC Lab to continue pursuing his dream. He will combine his interest and his profession – signal processing to bring happiness to others.

Now, the boy, for I’ve been narrating, is old enough to join NTU Toastmasters and stand on the stage of Freshman Cup to tell his story in front of you. Yes, that is right. I am the boy. Hope all of you can “choose what you love and love what you choose.”

Toastmasters of the evening.

—————- Judges Comment by Howard Hwai —————-



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