20140503, Jeri Chang, (My Dream Job – C1) (With Judge’s Comment by Minnie Lin)

C1-My Dream Job

 Jeri Chang

Hi! I’m Jeri. Today I’m going to share you with some of my childhood dreams. Do you remember your very first dream job? In this case, I do. When I was in elementary school, I spent almost all my leisure time reading novels and making up stories. Maybe you’ve got it. I wanted to be a writer in the future.

Being a writer seemed like earning a living without getting up early every morning for fear of being late for work. And most importantly, the novel Harry Potter was a hit then. The writer, J.K.Rowling, seemed to lead an effortless life: have a cup of coffee and Harry Potter emerges with lots of money. Aren’t you intrigued at the scene?  However, it wasn’t long before I grew old enough to know that writing actually takes lots of hard work. Plus you never know if readers would love your works or not. As a result, I gave up the idea of being a writer in the future.

I kept going on to look for an ideal job, or an effortless and lucrative job. One day I was watching a movie, Brokeback Mountain. When the background of a spectacular mountain was shown, I couldn’t help but wish I could be like the characters working in such surroundings. So this was it, my dream job, working as a cowboy in a vast ranch. While roaming around under sunlight I could even have some fresh meat for meal. However it turned out that such job doesn’t exist in Taiwan. And the mere idea of moving to another country only for becoming a cowboy sound so impractical.

A few years later I found out that one job was pretty cool. Guess what? A sailor. I was fascinated with the idea of sailing through the globe and making a living at the same time. Because how long could one spend his lifetime in the ocean? And the movie Pirates of the Caribbean made this job even more tempting. What’s more, I thought that a sailor probably have fresh seafood every single day. Life may be hard, but delicacies are sure to console your soul. When I told my parents that I wanted to become a sailor in the future, they were literally stunned. Maybe they just watched too much Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. Istuck to this dream for a relatively longer time compare to the cowboy one. However, after I realized that the career as a sailor was actually not so romantic, I let it go and searched for the next one.

Later I was interested in structure and building at the age of 14. Because  I was eager to show my creativity at that time. And architecture could last for hundreds of years while human being doesn’t. Making something closer to eternity is really awesome. But there’s a problem, While I liked to image myself as a successful architect, I hate physics with all my heart and always procrastinated when facing physic homework. However, to my satisfaction, my family and friends were positive toward my dream- job transition. They were like “finally you have a practical choice.” That might be true but in fact I just jump from one daydream to another.

After going to high school, I no longer dreamed to be an architect, why? Because physics class was just sucks. I often dozed off and ended up not knowing how to solve problem sets on the workbook. Days in high school were filled with endless exams. I was so tired that I left the “habit” of looking for a dream job far behind. You may ask what did I get from those dreams? I don’t know. Although those dreams were obviously impractical, they remind me of the naive and creative mind every child has.

—————- Judges Comment by Minnie Lin —————-




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