20140503, Daniel Shih, (The Guy – C1) (With Judge’s Comment by Jessica Chen)

C1-The Guy

Daniel Shih

Do you know a guy who looks shy but his friends say there is a fierce fire inside in heart? Do you know a guy who loves computer so much that he built his own website just in elementary school? Do you know a guy who often called himself otaku but travelled to 13 countries just in one year? So, who is that guy?

Toastmasters of the evening, ladies and gentlemen. Today it’s my pleasure to deliver my first speech here. Although some of you may already know who I am, today I still want to talk deeply about my personality, my interest, and my dream.

First, I am a shy guy really. Whenever I am in a new group, I tend to be the one sitting in the corner, and look like scared by a ghost when someone called my name suddenly. However, it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of people. I just need some time to adjust myself and get to know each other more. As a result, next time if you think I’m disappeared again, turn around, look at the corner-but don’t called my name or I’ll be shocked again-just give out your hand, and I will be more willing to talk with you, participate in many events, and stand on the stage just like right now.

Second, I am a geek. My love with computer started just in my childhood. When all of my classmates were discussing about Pokemon and Slumdunk, the thing that attracted me the most were software king and downloader computer magazines. Furthermore, I followed the steps on the books to build my website and reached top 10 in the search engine. Until now, I am still interested in 3C like smartphone and tablet. If you are also interested in them, maybe we can meet up after the meeting and make an appointment to be the first product owner in the news!

Last, I am a traveller. Although you may ask,” What the hell would an otaku love traveling?”  Believe it or not, I have been to nearly 20 countries just for 4 years. In college life, I often joined the summer or winter camp to visit Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore. Last year, I even applied for exchange student in Europe to visit beautiful castles in Prague, chase the polar light in Sweden, and go to London just to see Les Miserable. However, I’m not a rich guy just as you can see. For me, traveling is not just a way to relax, it is also a way to broaden your horizon and reflect on yourself. Thus, even though as a busy graduate student, I still plan to visit Osaka in summer, and look for friends to go to Malaysia to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

All in all, what are the best descriptions for me? In my opinion, I can say: I am a guy who is  shy but willing to interact with people. I am a guy who is obsessed with computer and wants to share this love with someone. I am a guy who likes to see the world and hopes to find a partner to travel with. I am, finally, Daniel Shih who decides to stand on this stage to deliver his first speech.

Toastmasters of the evening.

—————- Judges Comment by Jessica Chen —————-




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